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PTS Patch Notes v7.1.3

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.3 includes several more fixes for the Waking Flame dungeons, some additional bug fixes and adjustments for some item sets, and more. We’ve also actually added a level 25 character template for use, and will be running some additional backend tests for the sharding and cold storage work mentioned in the v7.1.1 patch notes. The size of this patch is approximately 560MB.

  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
      • Blackwood
      • Waking Flame
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
      • Housing
      • Quests & Zones
      • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where Companions would fire invisible arrows.
    • Bastian and Mirri will now react when you level up or gain Champion Points.
    • Removed Mirri's response to nearby boatswains.

    • Fixed an issue where Markarth Structural Furnishing Recipes were dropping from the Leyawiin Reward Coffer.

    • Updated the Zone Guide's notable achievement section to include more entries to be in line with other zones. They now include:
      • Oblivion Obliterater
      • Silent Halls Group Event
      • Zenithar's Abbey Group Event
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Red Petal Bastion
      • General
        • Updated sound effects for aspects of Goriseli Moraburo.
        • Weylin no longer nonchalantly chucks a relic at Lyranth.
        • Lyranth now allows you to bask in the glory of your achievement before speaking after completing the quest “A Rose of Many Thorns”.
        • Lyranth now waits a moment for the tension to fade before speaking up after defeating Rogerain.
        • Blocking in first-person mode while under the effects of the Crystal Animus Anya now forces you into third-person mode.
        • Weylin is slightly less rushed when discovering a room full of relics.
      • Rogerain the Sly
        • Added sound effects when you jump and land as a goat while running.
        • Updated the sound effects for various parts of the encounter.
        • Your character will no longer have a chance to become stuck in the door to the fight space.
        • The achievement “Terror Billy” can now only be completed in Veteran difficulty, as originally intended.
        • Rogerain the Sly will now drop the proper amount of loot when defeated after raising the challenge banner.
        • The Gate of Chaos will no longer display erroneous combat text when affected by crowd control abilities.
        • Your character no longer has a chance to become invisible when the Goat transformation ends.
      • Eliam Merick
        • Eliam no longer has a chance of yeeting out of the fight when Ihudir joins in.
        • The achievement “Foolhardy Footwork” can now only be completed in Veteran difficulty, as originally intended.
        • Eliam no longer has a chance to get stuck on the ledge when jumping into the encounter area.
        • The Prismatic Rain and Shockwave abilities will no longer instagib players resurrecting in the Area of Effect.
        • Shockwave now properly shows it is a negative effect.
        • The Battery and Major Defile effects applied by Eliam will no longer persist after his defeat.
        • Lyranth now appears in a timelier manner after defeating Eliam Merick.
        • Ihudir and Liramindrel now leave consumable corpses.
        • Ihudir’s Minor Mangle effect is now correctly removed when your character dies.
        • You will now always receive death recap hints when appropriate.
        • Eliam's Shockwave and Stonesplitter Plunge abilities will no longer be cast at the same time as Lira's Refraction and Ricochet Rays.
        • Eliam's Seismic Stomp and Lira's Prismatic Rain will now be cast less often.
        • Increased the health for Lira and Ihudir.
        • Increased the damage from Eliam's Aftershock ability and Lira's Prismatic Rain ability when the challenge banner is raised.
        • Increased the healing effect from Eliam's Empower Allies when the challenge banner is raised.
        • Ihudir will now take a moment after leaping into the encounter space before attacking.
      • Prior Thierric Sarazen
        • Players hit by the Heinous Highkick ability while jumping will now fall to the ground much more elegant.
        • Rockslide Rush shadows have more time between their waves.
        • Reduced Whirlwind shadows on normal difficulty.
        • Shadows will now overlap less creating less Venn diagrams of death.
        • Reduced the damage and frequency of the Realmshaper’s Breach ability.
        • Realmshaper health decreased on Veteran and with the challenge banner raised.
        • Rockslide Rush damage increased significantly with the challenge banner raised.
        • Sword Projection damage increased with the challenge banner raised.
    • The Dread Cellar
      • General
        • There are now sound effects associated with the matrix crystals.
        • Scorion Collectors will now play proper sound effects when relocating.
        • You can now board the skiff to leave the Dread Cellar more reliably.
        • Lucilla and Martus will now rely more on their handy teleportation abilities.
        • Agonymium Stones throughout the dungeon now display the proper textures.
        • Updated the Gravewalker and Warding Aria effects to have the correct values.
        • Martus and Lucilla are no longer loitering around the entrance to The Dread Cellar once the quest has progressed.
        • Martus now takes slightly more interest in strange Daedric stones.
      • Scorion Broodlord
        • The Hoard ability will now always fire when targeting a player.
      • Cyronin Artellian
        • Martus will no longer recommend that you “dodge” the Dread Surges.
        • Adjusted Dread Surge patterns in regard to wall length.
        • Reduced the health of Boltwyrms in Veteran and Hard Mode.
        • Reduced the damage of Staff Strike, Slam, Wallop and Shock abilities.
      • Magma Incarnate
        • The Hamstring effect now correctly indicates it is a negative effect.
        • Skeletal Hounds and Frost Atronachs will no longer instantly attack player characters entering the portal.
        • You will no longer see the "Teleport Failsafe" active effect when returning to the Antecedent Catalyst.
        • You can no longer interact with Martus Tullius and Lucilla Caprenia during combat with the Magma Incarnate.
        • Your character will now be momentarily protected from Eternal Flames while returning to the Antecedent Catalyst.
        • You and your Companions will now correctly take damage while standing in Blitz Bonfires regardless of where the Area of Effect is located.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Crafted Sets
    • Diamond’s Victory: This set now better follows its statement of requiring an ability cast, and as such will no longer trigger from core combat skills such as Light Attacks or Bash. 
      Developer Comment:
      This change was done to fix multiple workarounds where you could get stacks of this set’s bonuses without incurring a cost or gameplay pattern change when its power is built around such. 
    • Grave-Stake Collector: 
      • Fixed an issue where this set could fail when multiple players used it. 
      • Fixed an issue where this set had a hidden 1.1 second cooldown in addition to not being able to have multiple stakes active.

    Dungeon Sets
    • Grisly Gourmet: Fixed an issue where consuming multiple of these delectable sweet rolls too quickly could cause their visual effects to stick to your character forever. Take your time to chew and enjoy the flavor!
    • Rush of Agony: Fixed an issue where the pull from this set could fail in many cases.

    PvP Sourced Sets
    • Dark Convergence: 
      • Increased the damage of this set by approximately 83%.
      • Increased the Snare potency of this set to 60%, up from 30%.
      • Reduced the cooldown to 15 seconds, down from 20.
      Developer Comment:
      Due to the large delay of this set, we're seeing a lot of situations where players can easily walk out of it without investing in a Roll Dodge or ability to escape, making the reward of damage feel relatively lackluster when it does work. We've decided to up the snare potency to improve the risk of not immediately trying to flee and increased the payout to ensure those who don't respect the void are sent to it.

    Trial Sets
    • Yandir’s Might:
      • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Damage from Giant's Endurance did not apply to your abilities.
      • This set now grants Giant's Endurance for 5 seconds per stack, rather than indefinitely.
      • This set no longer requires you to have 5 pieces active to retain the stacks since they are not permanent. This should fix multiple issues and inconsistencies with this set.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Updated the audio for the temporary portals to Doomchar Plateau to be more appropriate for their location near the Impressario’s tent.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the “Bush, Low Greenleaf Cluster” to be difficult to select once placed in your home.

    • Added various images for Sweetwater Cascades and Doomchar Plateau, which were previously not present.
    • Improved the accuracy of the collision for the main manor building in Sweetwater Cascades.
    • Adjusted the invisible boundaries near the upper cistern in Sweetwater Cascades, removing an errant projection of collision.
    • Adjusted the cellar door entrance for Sweetwater Cascades to avoid the appearance of dirt behind the entrance when it animated open.
    • Fixed an issue where the name “Sweetwater Cascades” was not correctly excluded from profanity filters and could be partially censored by chat.
    • Sealed a small gap in the middle of the footbridges in Sweetwater Cascades.

    Deadlands Prologue Quest
    • You will no longer see duplicate copies of Lyranth in her hideout or when meeting her in Greenshade.
    • VO will no longer play over each other at the Waking Flame Base.
    • You will no longer be able to enter the escape portal from the Waking Flame Base until it has been opened

    Stros M’Kai
    • Tip of the Spearhead: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t talk to Captain Kaleen to progress the quest.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the skills list could remain grayed out after assigning a skill.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur after using the search field consecutively in different UIs.

    Help & Tutorials
    • The tutorial for Controlling Companions will no longer show up as part of the tutorial for Scrying.
    • Fixed an error from the pop-up tutorial text that mislabeled the key used to confirm a Refine action in keyboard & mouse controls.

    Japanese Game Client
    • Fixed an issue where ingredient names at the Alchemy station would overlap each other in the Japanese game client.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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