Someone still care about winning campaigns?

I mean, when you have things like this every morning seems a bit pointless to me.
Current campaign score is 39k against 25k.

I think it is time to rework as score is calculated. I don't think this is healthy for the game when no one cares anymore about an aspect that should be the core of it.

Note: this is not about DC, would be bad regardless of color of the map.

  • vesselwiththepestle
    As a DC player I don't even log into the map when it looks like that. What would be the point. Even when during the day DC helds everything from Chalman to Roeback (at least) it usually doesn't make sense to get into that (as DC player). The score is screwed for a while so, DC is just currently taking it to a new extreme and the new thing is, that it's DC dominating through night and morning cap. (The last two years or so it was AD. So I imagine many new players are noticing this as an issue for the first time.)

    Maybe there could be done something about the Alliance Lock. I mean, we already don't have an Alliance Lock, but the Alliance of my character still determines on which side I am allowed to play. If I could my usual pvp characters on AD or EP side on a map like that, now that would be different. Another thing might be working on the population caps, maybe dynamically changing them to create better balance.

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  • Recremen
    The night map always fluctuates campaign to campaign yet AD was still able to win last campaign despite all the overnight map flips. It's true that some of the scoring could use some tweaking to make scenes like this less devastating to the hard-earned score distributions of the larger segment of players, but this isn't some irrecoverable thing. It's not like pugs are able to hold the map in this configuration once the guilds get on.
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  • LarsS
    I made some suggestions in another thread I started. Which would go some way to make the campaigns more intersting:
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  • Kory
    Not enough blue territory just sayin.
  • Agrippa_Invisus
    Until they give good rewards again, there's not really a point in trying other than pride. And pride only gets you so far with all the systemic issues inherent in how the score is generated.
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  • Cirantille
    I mean for 20k and some gold rings from forgotten sets, 30 days of work?
    It is not motivating
    Nothing changes when you win or lose
    Ps. Also you can get golden rings without winning the campaign which are still not Rewards for the "Worthy"
  • Faulgor
    Hymzir wrote: »
    At this point, Cyro needs a major overhaul, a total work over. The scoring should be more dynamic, and not just a snapshot of one second out of every 3600. And there should be some way to factor in populations and keep them balanced. Not only for scoring but for the general number of players each side has available. It's no fun to be steamrolled by three bar faction while trying to defend your home keeps with just one bar of troops. It also doesn't really help that 90% of Cyro is dead and devoid of any action 90% of the time. Even when the factions are poplocked, there is just way too much space for the number of players involved in the "war." The problem is that Cyro is designed in a way that requires full faction population for all sides 24/7 and that just does not reflect reality. And it was originally designed for lot larger populations than what the game allows these days.

    Yeah, I feel at this point we need Cyrodiil 2.0. The current version still has too many legacy issues from the initial design that just didn't work, chief of which that the map was designed for a much larger population that the tech just couldn't support in the end.

    Call me crazy, because I am, but I think a possible solution to keep scoring relevant, would be if your keeps/resources/whatever couldn't be attacked or repaired unless you have a certain number of players online in the campaign. This way, 3 people couldn't take the whole map while everyone else is asleep. Obviously there would have to be a grace period so your keep doesn't suddenly become immune/vulnerable when one person logs in or out, but still.

    Additionally what I'd like to see for this overhauled Cyrodiil, and I'm just shooting some ideas here because I haven't seen this discussed at length (most people just want better performance):
    • Smaller map. Maybe focus around Lake Rumare, along the Red Ring Road.
    • Less but more diverse keeps. There is just too little variety in PvDoor sieging.
    • Visual upgrade. First, the zone looks like dog *** compared to the rest of the game, and second, it looks nothing like Cyrodiil in TES4. Green the place up a little, it looks like all the trees have been dying for 7 years.
    • Overhauled reward structure. I can't be more specific than this, but the current one blows. Since the Cyrodiil buffs no longer carry over into PvE, there is virtually no incentive to do well in your campaign. Even if you're looking for AP you're better off grinding BGs.
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  • ResidentContrarian
    Don't tell anyone, but I play on all sides, even in the locked camp, so it doesn't matter to me who wins.

    I rather be with losers than winners any day, though. Winning is extremely boring because it almost always results from a huge population imbalance or cheese tactics (20+ group consisting of all bombers, etc.).

    The game is not really competitive, even in a 1v1 situation for the most part.
  • Sindrik8x
    I just wish EP was more organized in Ravenwatch. I tried my best to help last few campaigns and get people interested, but we have a very solo play style mindset. There are a couple doing a solid job, but it relies on the average and mediocre casuals trying to pull folks together. All the good guilds left for AD and DC.

    If anyone is interested in running there with me, my tag is the same as here. My son and I play regularly.


    My son's tag is @ThorinIIx

    If one is on, the other usually is as well. We're going to be reworking our builds for this new non-proc playstyle in coming weeks, but we will definitely be aiming to at least get tier three rewards on our main pvp'ers this upcoming campaign (Sunday). We each have 2 - 3 alts we play. He has a magblade bomber, stam dk and stamplar. I have a stam dk and a stamblade ganker.
  • SkaraMinoc
    The rewards in Cyrodiil aren't enough to care about winning. I'll join for 30-45 minutes before I've had enough and go back to battlegrounds and duels. The lag doesn't help either.
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