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Hello. I am returning to the game. I am curious if DK tank is still the most reliable and I am wondering if other tanks are used for Vet dungeons and Trials and if they'd be accepted into groups provided the person playing is good at their class. Any information would be appreicated. I am wanting to know if a Sorc tank is viable as DK is kind of boring to me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
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  • Fennwitty
    DK still highly regarded. Necros also highly regarded.

    Sorc tank or any class tank are viable for most content, but you might get comments. Raid groups might prefer DK/Necro/some specific type of tank.
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  • BejaProphet
    The difficulty in answering your question is because best tank does not mean the same thing to everybody.

    In the highest tiers of raiders tanks are often preferred based on what buffs are missing from the raid composition.

    And what buffs are missing is dependent on the ever shifting meta in the DPS. So if suddenly magcro’s are top damage, guilds will often cram as many necro damage dealers as possible into the roster. Then they will look to fill out support roles with other classes so that their team isn’t missing any class specific buffs.

    TLDR: Any class can do any content in any roll. In mid level gaming DK is a solid option, but if you have a rep as a great tank they will let you bring your preference. At very top you will always be at the mercy of what is top group composition.
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  • anticlergy
    I appreciate all the responses! I'm gonna do Necro for now as I already have a DK.
  • Athan1
    Any class can tank so play what feels more natural. Since you're starting out, it's far too early to wonder about endgame tanking. The meta keeps changing every patch anyway so by the time you reach that point it will have shifted.
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  • Fikkan

    That might be a helpful resource. I don't play a tank, yet (still trying to get my DD to actually do damage :blush: ) but have been looking for info for when I start one up.
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