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Booted From Game Repeatedly

PS NA, keep getting booted from the game with a no network connectivity error. Am playing on a PS4 Pro with hardwired gigabit connection, and speed test both from the PS and other devices in the house are passing without issue. Only having a problem with ESO.
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  • Lydawobbles
    I think the server is down. Anyone who gets kicked out can’t get back in
  • cmetzger93
    Happening to me too on PC
  • six2fall
    Yeah they claim issue is fixed but it's just as f'ed up as before. Takes 50 tries to get to character screen then another 100 tries to actually load a character but then you get booted as soon as you try to port somewhere. I'm on ps5 & have already restarted the game & systems a whole bunch so their idea of fixed is about as good as their idea of balance
  • Crimsonwolf666
    Keep getting kicked from game. PC/NA server. Yes I have restarted the client and my internet connection.
  • gadget2775
    I've also rebooted the game.
    Restarted the PS4.
    Shifted from hardwire to wireless (just in case my adapter was going bad).
    Restarted again.

    Occasionally I get into the game, but as soon as I try to do anything the game freezes and then I get booted again. The freeze is a bit unusual though... I can still move around, but I can't interact with anything or activate skills and all of the NPC's are frozen.
  • Incarnatus
    Same here ... trying to log in and pc just hangs trying to enter the world.
  • ZOS_Bill
    The login issues for NA players on July 1st are now resolved. We will be closing this discussion going forward. If you still run into any issues logging in please feel free to start a new discussion.
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