Proposing "Gold Gear Decon Event"

I've been playing this game for over 3 years, I never post which is why I'm a soul shriven rank on here, so let's not get lost in the sauce.

I have a ton of gold gear that I just want out of my life, but it's so painfully wasteful to decon it now, considering the high probability of getting zero gold mats back. This is just nuts. 8 temps/rosin/wax for one piece, it hangs around forever, considering the constant set re-works and meta shifts and sweeping game changes, and now I have to constantly see a once-BIS weapon gathering dust with no good use for it.

To be clear, gold and resources aren't an issue, it's just basic principle at this point. It's impractical to think that everyone should need a house full of storage chests and several mule-only toons just to hold all your junk. That's just crazy talk.

I've heard the argument that the devs can't give more than 0-1 temps back because of all the "upgrade gamblers" out there, that may get more mats out than they put in, but that is also crazy talk because not enough of the population has done that to warrant its consideration.

I vote for a once/twice/four times per year event, a " Golden Decon Event", if you will, that we get guaranteed 4 gold mats back when we decon our gold gear. Not 1 temp, not 2 temps, not zero temps back, but a guaranteed 4.
That way us vets can free up bank space, stimulate the economy, and maybe even lower the price of temps back to normal ranges so new players have a decent shot at acquiring enough of them to be competitive and happy.

What do you think? Ideas? Suggestions?
Should I make a vote post?
I did a post about Alliance Change Tokens shortly before they announced those, so I am hopeful that this can work!
  • Mythreindeer
    Annual event? I wouldn't be opposed to it.

    Tried selling it? Never know who wants what out there?
  • woufff
    Annual event? I wouldn't be opposed to it.

    Tried selling it? Never know who wants what out there?

    Cannot sell because it's bound, at least for me as I have used it and changed.

    OP: annual event would be nice B)
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  • hundergrn
    With the implementation of the Sticker book all that's keeping one from deconning gold gear is the sentimental value and 'what if it become relevant again? my resources and effort shall not be squandered'. Personally, I use the stickerbook as the final reasoning for deconing hard earned loot that is gathering dust, regardless of its quality.

    It may be painful to decon or to get rid of but it is gear of the past that is easier than ever to recover if needed. Digital hording is very much like hoarding in real life. Space becomes limited and that once what was precious and useful can no longer outweigh the space it takes just for the chance it can be useful again.

    The Gold mat economy is fueled by meta and BiS changes... its part of the reason why its recommended to only Gold weapons. The Mat prices rise and fall on need and urgency but it is still quite easily to maintain a stockpile of gold mats for your gearing needs. Run low? Knock out surveys and maybe an hour or two Mat farm. Do your daily crafting. You can easily sit on 100+ Gold Mats per expansion/dlc and sell the excess.

    IMO, embrace the pain of decon. An event will only entice vet players & gamblers to hold onto gold gear for months to get that little bit of extra return. Think of how the motif/recipe/furniture market works. People will hold chests full of event earned motifs for months to sell easily obtainable and cheap items on the guild vendor (hell I do this).

    If it gathers dust, decon. If you are going to use it in a build, save it. You never know how the patches fall. No use being stingy at the expense of space.
  • JohnnyTaco112
    I'm only talking about gold weapons. I haven't golded armor since VO.
    I think this will also stimulate new players. Getting started is daunting enough, and now temps are more expensive than ever. Still haven't heard a good reason not to have a periodic reset event.

    Yes, all bound stuff. Definitely sell the unbound stuff.
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