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Rotate Rewards for the Worthy and/or create for us new PVP gear to earn.

Can we please have either NEW PVP gear, OR ROTATE in previous gear sets for our rewards of the worthy? Maybe switch it up every quarter, so every 3 months we get different gear from rewards for the worthy. How long have we had the current gear sets 2 or 3 years? This is ridiculous! PVPers want new gear too, or at least give us opportunities to earn past gear via rewards.

Also, what happened to top AP earners getting a chance to earn Master weapons? Granted that can be abused by AP traders, but maybe put in some kind of other incentive to earn top-tier gear.
  • Kartalin
    Not just master weapons, I’ve got a few pieces of gold trials gear from back in the day, when we only had the Craglorn trials.

    My sticker book for current RftW sets has been complete for a couple months now, not that I ever expect to use them.

    Either new sets or a handful of random crafting materials in each Reward would be great. At least the crafting mats would cut out the middle step for us.
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  • JamieAubrey
    Yeah, I've already collected full sets and set rewards to be deleted with junk buster
  • blktauna
    True, the stuff we get now is decon fodder.
  • Brrrofski
    I don't know why it can't be every set from cyrodiil.

    The sets we get are all pretty bad too. Like I don't even remember what they are because I just dismiss them instantly.
    Xbox One EU
  • tim99
    yes, i support that. just sent me all existing sets to my mailbox pls, masterweapons, monstersets, trial sets, just all.
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