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About Lag on PC-EU

  • Icy_Nelyan
    I already had to rely on VPN ti download parches in the past, but I Remember that they managed to solve this problem in a way we do not Need VPN Antenore... At least until now which seems to be worse since we are forces ti use VPN to properly enjoy the game...

    What's happened with this update? 😮😮😮
  • DahliaNightshade
    I just tried a traceroute to the ESO EU server, I am not even in game, I just wanted to test it for the sake of testing; these are the last 3 hops:

    9 1137 ms 1262 ms 23 ms []
    10 23 ms 23 ms 24 ms []
    11 27 ms 29 ms 28 ms

    I am from Italy, my connection is fine, it works fine with everything; in ESO I keep getting lag spikes, long freezes (10 to 20 seconds long), and some random disconnects.

    It all started with the last 2 maintenances.

    I'm posting this in the other related thread as well:



    I tested again, I'm still not in game, these are the last 3 hops:

    9 23 ms 23 ms 36 ms []
    10 23 ms 23 ms 23 ms []
    11 31 ms 27 ms 29 ms

    As you can see, it's inconsistent.
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  • Knockmaker
    Which country do you choose when you use VPN?
  • LashanW
    Knockmaker wrote: »
    Which country do you choose when you use VPN?
    You'd want a vpn server as close as possible to the real server. PC-NA is in Texas while PC-EU is in Frankfurt, Germany.

    I play in PC-EU so,
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  • khyrkat
    In game now:

    11 2035 ms 30 ms 477 ms f-eh1-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE []

    Second to last row.
  • DahliaNightshade
    One more thing we can try is running this software WinMTR with the EU server as target while running the game and seeing the results, it's like a constant traceroute which tracks the Best, Average and Worst results as well:
    1. Download WinMTR
    2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to your desktop.
    3. Open the WinMTR folder, then open the folder that matches your version of Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) and run WinMTR.exe.
    4. Enter the IP address you want to test in the Host field.
    5. Click Start, then launch the game you're testing. If no connection issue is found in the first 5 minutes, restart the test.
    6. When a connection error occurs, play for at least 5 more minutes, then click Stop in WinMTR.
    7. Click "Export Text" and save the .txt file

  • DahliaNightshade
    I am still experiencing some lag spikes, but they are a lot less frequent and shorter.

    No long freezes or disconnects happened yesterday.
  • Displaced_Salad
    Awful, AWFUL performance on EU-PC since last update. FPS is fine, my connection is fine, but lag spikes and server timeout, especially on fast travel/zoning, have ramped up considerably in the last couple of days for me.
  • Youyouz06
    I still don't get why we are with German servers though. I thought the reputation of the German internet network wasn't the best in Europe (no beef)....why hasn't there been in a change in 7 years? Why are we still with the same provider if the connections are bad?
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  • ThePianist
    There is no way Cyrodiil atm is pop capped. Even with Midyear Mayhem, I feel like 3 bars is 100 people for each faction. If I’m not mistaken, Cyrodiil was designed for a population of 600 for each faction.

    So imo, the large battles that you experience is nowhere near the large battles from years ago. Population is getting smaller but the lag is getting worse. Where is this headed?
  • Icy_Nelyan
    These days for no reasons sometime the game kicks me out to desktop while playing, and the moments Just before this behaviour I have no lag and in game everything Is smooth, but in a Blink of an Eye I'm on the desktop and this isn't necessarly during pvp.

    Performance are really bad these days, people complaing about latency, in IC on PC-EU getting out from the sewers required at least 8 attempts from me, I have these strange crashes (of they can be called so), and maybe more problems.
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