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With the introduction of house guests, the special collectibles limit should be increased

I've always felt that the limit on special collectibles was too low. Personally, I always have to decide between:
  • Utility NPCs (merchants, bankers, launderers)
  • Mounts
    • Achievements (GS, PB, which I will eventually get...)
    • Collections (I personally love wolves and have a ton of the Apex wolves, 2 gem exclusives, and matching wolf pups to go with the Apexes)
  • Pets
    • Fireflies & butterflies
    • Netches for fish tanks
    • Pets that match with mounts that you collect
    • My favorite dog / cat

Now not only do I have to choose between all of the things mentioned above, but also house guests to make my place feel more lively. I can understand the limitations on the furnishings since we still have people with low end pcs and last gen consoles, but increasing the special collectable limit to 10/20 doesn't seem like it will be that much of a performance hit.

Personally right now I don't even buy houseguests since I don't even have the room to use them :(


  • TelvanniWizard
    Couldn't agree more. If they don't rise all the slots, at least they could let us have more pets, mounts and guests.
  • Benzux
    I always found it odd that Mounts and Pets were lumped into the same category in the first place, especially when it comes to smaller homes. Yeah, my inn room might only just about fit one camel in it, but it apparently also can't fit more than a single torchbug or goat.

    With Houseguests, I've now noticed the lack of space for "Special Collectibles" in many houses even more than before. Separating the slots and changing the limits based on house size would be lovely.

    Also, somewhat on-topic, Pet categorization in the Collectibles (and by extension the housing) menu should be improved. What's the point of having all these categories when eight out of ten pets get lumped into the "Exotic" category, oftentimes completely miscategorizing them (because apparently Atronachs don't count as Daedra and chickens are very exotic animals)?
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  • bridgetrose
    I'd like to see a trade off. Say I don't care about trophy collectables, maybe I could have a few more regular collectable slots instead.
  • maximusrex45
    I agree. In general limits are too low for a lot of houses, more consideration should be given to the actual size of the house, but these special limits are especially heinous. I have been trying to make my Linchal Manor into a working estate, and this has been a major roadblock for me.
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