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Two eso programs installed?


Trying to clear up some space but i dont know if i need both of these to play the game or if i can uninstall one? I play throught steam btw
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    Do you have steam and standard accounts? If so, use a symbolic link to point the steam version to the PC version.

    If you only have the one, then no duplication is necessary.

    ESO is far larger than 38 Gb on its best day, and hasn't been considered Tamriel Unlimited for some time. Looks like you've got some artifacts going on.

    Delete the files, then go into steam and try to launch ESO. Steam should download the updated version and you should be good from there. If it does not download directly, Right Click on the game, select Properties, Local Files, Verify integrity.

    Your file structure under Zenimax should look something like this:

    Good luck.
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