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[BUG] GPU near 100% on login and character select screens

My GPU is near 100% on login and character select screens while it is only around 30% when i'm actually playing the game.

I'm playing with all settings on max and i'm getting solid 60fps in-game, so that's not an issue at all.
However, on static screens like the login, characters select and loading screens, my GPU usage is nearly maxed for no reason.
If i sit on one of those screens for a while, the GPU will heat up and all fans go to max to keep it cool.

This is actually an old bug that was fixed several years ago and now apparently has come back.


Login Screen:

Character Select Screen:


Edited by ZOS_Bill on May 31, 2021 6:57PM
  • preamp
    I've noticed the same thing with my PC.
  • SirAndy
    votan73 wrote: »
    If you changed the MinFrameTime setting in the UserSettings.txt due to the bug in U28, it is time to revert it.

    You Sir and/or Madam have won the interwebs today!

    Renamed my UserSettings.txt so ESO could create a new one on startup and sure enough, the GPU spikes are gone.
    I had indeed changed MinFrameTime and completely forgotten about it.

    Edited by SirAndy on May 28, 2021 8:43PM
  • ZOS_Bill
    Thanks for the update on this graphical issue. With the resolution discovered, we will now close the thread going forward.
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