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Is there an addon to show furniture in a category by it's type?

Hello, as many of you may know, it's very tedious to have to go through your furniture list to retrieve an item because your slots are full, especially when you're trying to search for a type (special furnishing/traditional etc). Special furnishings aren't easy to spot and while it's mostly mounts or non-combat pets, there are some other items which aren't so easy to find if you've forgotten about it being a special furnishing.

I was wondering if there was an addon that shows furniture by it's type in a category like traditional, special, collectible etc instead of the silly category that was designed by ZoS. Not sure why this wasn't implemented as part of the game naturally. It really should have been.
  • Nestor
    I know it is not an addon, but this can help
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  • DirkRavenclaw
    Have a look at the Addon: ESOMasterRecipeList, its constantly updated and helps me a lot.
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