FINEST TRIALS Prog Core Team Recruitment

Soul Shriven
LF dedicated players that vibe well to join FINEST TRIALS prog core team. It is expected to knock out basic vet dlc trials and for those interested to be ready to prog vcr +?, vas +?, EoF, DD, TTT, etc.

We are looking for a warden healer, templar/necro healer, zen-dk, magcro, magsorc, 2 flex mag dps. Tanks feel free to inquire. Our current tanks can fill other DPS roles.
70K min dps (expected to work on getting to 80k dps after a month of joining), all roles must have at least 2 vet dlc completes, proof of gear, and use Discord.

Respond to this thread for more details.
  • r.marquesub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven

    Not sure if you are still looking for a Healer for your prog. I play a templar healer cp 1170. Have clears in all crag HMs, VSS, VAS, Vmol. and reps in VKA and VCR. Main gear set up I run is RO/Jul/symphony/masters. I play almost every night (eastern) and weekends. I also run a new prog team on my tank (clears: all Vet crags HM, and VSS, reps in VMol and VKA). We have just finished clearing all crag hm's (vso also) and we are currently in VSS. I am laid back easy going looking for another dedicated prog group to get involved with.

    In game name: nukealote24

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