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Can we stop already with disabling NPC's post-quest?

Soul Shriven
Finished main Murkmire story recently and I'm baffled.

Cyrodilic Collections is basically a wasteland. Almost entire organization's gone.

Out of 10 members, only 2 are left, and only one's in the building itself. Jee-Lar namely. Varo chills in the port, dispenses quests. Yay to that at least.

Seriously, I get that at least 2 explorers talked about leaving, but that leaves the rest that didn't. Zadaza? Gone. Eshraf? Gone. Kirstleth talking about opening a meadery? Gone. Alouis, Dinia, Vicca? All gone.

What puzzles me the most is, why in the flying frick did they disable Famia? She's not in the Root-Whisper Village, I checked Shadowfen to see if she visited Concordia maybe, nope, she's just gone.

And it's not just main quest, did the Skin-Taker quest, and 2 npc's from that one are gone as well. Namely Milzus and Sulosya. (At least 2 npc's survived. Dajaleen and Guhcin.) There's probably more. (Callendar comes to mind, but these two at least ran off to somewhere. Yay, another 2 npc's gone.)

Seriously I wasn't so disappointed in finishing a main story since Fighters guild. And it's not cause it's bad, ending really got to me. I legit cried, it was a hard choice. It's the aftermath that feels rather borked. You even had to steal Listens-By-Smell from me.

Oh also, fix alignment of that cursed skull one day will you?
It drives me nuts.
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What is left after a nuclear explosion? Dust.
  • MrStranger
    Soul Shriven
    Not to say I don't appreciate NPC's that are still with us of course. The Bright-Throat Village quest was amazing, I really liked Haxara, her story really touched me, and being able to visit her post-quest feels amazing. 2 Argonians you save from one of the Root-Whisper dailies are still there, I'm surprised at that, but happy of course. (Gone as of today. Figures.) It was a fun relief to see the elf from the Teeth of Sithis Delve just drinking his sorrows away too.

    So ones that are missing hurt that much more.

    Also remembered another. Beel-Ranu from Dead-Water tribe questline. You'd think it would be one of the npc's worth saving, but just like Famia, she's gone. It especially sucks when literal quest GIVER is gone post quest. Considering Dead-Water Village already feels extremely barren.
    Edited by MrStranger on May 8, 2021 10:06AM
    What is left after a nuclear explosion? Dust.
  • phantasmalD
    Isn't it kind of immersive to think that they have stuff to do elsewhere and they don't just hang around 24/7 in their guildhall?
  • MrStranger
    Soul Shriven
    If you squint hard enough maybe. All 8 of em, just doing their own thing. Famia too, the world famous dungeon dweller never to be seen again.

    Mean, it's the best we'll probably get, so eh.
    What is left after a nuclear explosion? Dust.
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