TIDE of BLOOD [PVE/Social] First Aid [PVP/General] and Way of the Shadow [PVP Nightblades]

Our family of guilds is growing!

I am the founder and CO-GM of this wonderful social PVE guild. There's almost always someone in guild chat and people are happy to help with builds, content, and more. We feature all the usual bells and whistles, like a fully stocked guildhouse and an active discord with all the bots you could ask for.

A fast growing Ebonheart Pact PVP guild which runs in Blackreach. We have nightly runs, usually with at least a full group. We are non-toxic and friendly, and though we are competitive and do what we can to help EP take the campaign we aren't complete jerks about it. Players of all experience levels are welcome.

This is my baby. After running NB groups for several prominent Cyrodiil guilds I have branched out to create my own guild dedicated to PVP nightblades. Any alliance is welcome but we run red in Blackreach. Our goal is to both support other groups, like those from First Aid, and be able to move quickly across the map to take strategic positions to sow chaos amongst the enemy. Though there is a learning curve with both stam and magblades, we are happy to help anyone learn that wishes to. To join all you need is one nightblade who can run Shadowy Disguise. Our goal is to have nightly ninja groups.

If you wish to join any of the three, list your gamer tag, which guild(s), and please be sure to already have the slot(s) open for the invite. Thank you!
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