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Why Zero Tower is a start location for 5 min quest?

ZOS are you serious? Why use one of the most important and unexplored Tower for very short prologue quest? And there are no books and almost no mystiries here. I think this is a very terrible waste of lore and story potential. And new prologue is also very short, lazy and doesn't explain anything. And still, as I understood, new players still can't start in Couldharbor from the beginning.
  • This_0ne
    well if i wanted to start as a covenant character on pact or dominion islands i could do it without new training. I can do this even now, just by moving to the desired location. I don't see the difference between moving there from anywhere now or from Balfiera later. But what I wanted never happened. I still have to face the idiotic hooded figure instead of sitting behind the bars of the cold harbor.

    agree with the commentator above. Such a significant location deserves a much greater value, or at least a more befitting quest.

    Also, I don't understand why I have to repeat each step of the golem training three times. I'm not that dumb and can understand the mechanics the first time. I'm sure many other people can read and watch too.
  • Theryl
    The tutorial takes place elsewhere on Balfiera and you can clearly see the tower from the courtyard.
  • ZOS_Lunar

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