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[XBOX] [NA] Housing & Social group NOW ACCEPTING members, no guild spot needed.

šŸ˜ļø We here at eCribs believe there is nothing quite like ESO house building.

It is the artful, painstaking process in which we define ourselves.

While it is true that there are a great many people that don't know the potential of housing in ESO, we at eCribs are very serious about it.

We love to see what people's imaginations can bring to life through Decorating or Disguising their homes!

Do you feel the same as us?

Love housing & looking for a social place to share ideas, show your homes, & compete with master builders in housing competitions?

Join eCribs! Where Housing Meets Social! šŸ˜ļø

We are an in game guild but we are also a BAND guild meaning all our design challeneges and raffles and everything is all done on BAND, so although we encourage guild members in game, you don't have to join, you can just be a band member and recieve all the benefits! We are just a community of housing enthusiasts! We have rp opportunities, we always have people needing extras for thier housing videos! We do so much i cant list it here. Come show off your crib.


If you download and join our band app, make sure your name is set you your gamer tag please!
Xbox NA Housing Enthusiast & Vet Trial Healer *Heals in all classes*

Vet Trial Necrommancer Tank currently OT in Kynes Aegis

ESO Community Supporter and Tamriel Activist *Doesn't condone the filthy high elf ways*
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