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Add-on like telemeter or calculate range?

It would be great to have an telemeter incorporated into the UI to show how much metter the target is.

Is there a way to get one ?
  • votan73
    Getting target coords is blocked from API by ZOS exact for this reason.

    So, no.
    Edited by votan73 on March 30, 2021 10:42AM
  • twev
    We used to have an addon that showed distance to target on the reticle, so a player knew if the weapon would reach the target with damage.

    I found it more helpful before launching an attack, rather than attacking and getting the game msg that I was out of range.

    I miss the ability to just see at a glance whether I was going to be able to hit the badguy at all, but as stated, an API change removed that functionality.
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