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Moggnak Clan Recruiting! (DC PvP)

Moggnak is a PvP oriented guild revolving around all things Orc!!! We have constant PvP events to include Cyrodiil nights, Imperial City Sewers nights, Fight Nights, and group BGs.

We host guild events frequently with prizes from the Crown Store, gold, and PvP improvement materials.

The one unique aspect about Moggnak is you EARN EVERYTHING!! We have a Warband System with Orc horde type ranks like Grunt, Captain, Warchief, and Chieftain. If you want a higher rank you earn it in battle by challenging the current rank holder!!

If you are looking to improve your PvP skills and hang out with some cool people, either leave your GT in the comments or message me!!
GT: lxThe Despairxl

Malacath guide you, and remember:
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