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UPDATE!! Working... Help Please!! pChat not working properly

My pChat keeps changing to the ESO default colors because of another addon or LIB.

pChat set colors go from what I have them set to the ESO default colors in the game settings

Anyone have any idea which addons can be doing this? I have a good bit of addons and any support is appreciated, It's just driving me nuts!!

Thank you!
Edited by Dirtybyrd on March 7, 2021 8:25PM
  • Dirtybyrd
    Got it working! Some how libChat3 & libGarfield got in there and was in the addons part and not the Libraries section.
  • Baertram
    libChat3 and libChat2 and libGarfield are very old, and not to be used anymore! They break about 100% of any chat related addon.

    That's also why they show in the normal addons section, and not libraries (as you need a txt file for the libraries and in them must be the tag ## IsLibrary: true). And those libs do not provide a proper txt file. But even if: Their code is that old that they simply do not work anymore. Any addon relying on them is considered "death" until someone rewrites it to not use these libs any longer.

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