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Why is XboX NA server so hateful?

I play on EU, max cp, veteran player, and I decided to experience the journey again from the beginning on NA servers, since I’m a bit bored on EU.

I applied to two guilds, both of my applications were declined (I did explain I was coming from EU) and one of them sent explanation “no noobs sorry”. Guild, that claimed to be “friendly guild” in description 😯

I said ok, whatever, I decided to do a dungeon instead. At level 10, in Spindleclutch, I was voted out before I even took the quest. I was shocked. Some time later I got into Fungal Grotto, I checked the group, all cp players, and needles to say I was again kicked before we even engaged the first group of trash.

Plus I also noticed that, in guilds with top trader you’ve got to pay 20k a week to stay in the guild?

I’m just shocked and saddened by this behaviour, I really didn’t expect this from my American friends...I’m playing ESO for a while now, but on EU servers players help new players. We don’t kick low levels in Fungal Grotto. We don’t tell other players on zone chat to kill themselves. If someone is lacking, we offer them advice. Guilds are families, not business transactions.

Sorry for the vent...😓
Edited by Alutora on February 23, 2021 10:23PM
  • DresdenWhite
    I'm sorry you've had this experience. It sounds like you experienced a lot of toxicity in a concentrated amount of time :(
    Having played on XBOX NA for a year I would say this is not typical. Nevertheless this has been your experience and I'm sorry about that.

    Also, never apologize for your feelings! I'd be feeling pretty upset too if I were you.

    If you're looking to try and continue your NA journey you are very welcome in my guild which I promise actually is beginner-friendly. The only reason we'd kick anyone is if they were toxic, elitist, or hateful in any way. I'm putting the description below. Please feel free to join us if we sound like a good fit!

    [XBOX/NA] Join The Dominion Party Dojo!

    We are an adults-only (21+) woman-led, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and neurodiverse-friendly casual/social PvX guild. We are an inclusive and safe community where all are welcome! Our goal is to be a place for members to enjoy the game without pressure or anxiety. Everyone is welcome from Day 1 players to seasoned vets.

    As a purely social guild we have no requirements. We will never ask for your parse or require certain sets. We will never judge or shame you for your preferred build, class, or style of play. We are here to enjoy each other’s company in a no-pressure, casual environment. Elitism and toxicity have no place in our guild. We value patience, support, and kindness.

    Our activities include PVP nights, questing, group scrying, healer and tank set farming, skyshard hunts and more! We do run vet dungeons and achievement runs, but always in a chill and supportive environment. Our goal is to learn together and have fun doing it. We have a core group of players who PvP on Yellow, but we are officially Tri-Alliance. If you have been looking for non-toxic PvP we are the guild for you! Have an idea for an event? Let us know! We value our members’ input.

    We have very knowledgeable vet players that can help you! You will have a 9-trait crafter at your disposal as well as a guild hall with 3 and 21 mil dummies, transmute station, outfit station, and basic crafting stations. We are currently adding mundus stones!

    Join the Party and help us build the friendliest, most supportive home in ESO!
    To join:
    Join our lively Discord and drop your GT
    Reply to this thread or PM me with your GT
    Send an in-game mail to Dresden White
    Find us in-game in the guild finder using these filter criterion Social > Aldmeri Dominion> Casual Play Style > 1-50 members
    My PvX social guildThe Dominion Party Dojo!
  • Skullstachio
    Don’t give up @Alutora, sure you had a couple of bad run ins with toxic players, but it doesn’t mean it is the end, it just means you may need to put in a little more elbow grease. (As someone who has been playing eso on Xbox NA for 5 years and ongoing, I am fairly versed a bit.)

    Either way, I could spend some time helping you get started, Craft some gear for ya (depending on your preferences as there is many craftable sets that you are no doubt already aware of.) and even help you complete “some” of the normal base game group dungeons (Specifically the quests associated as each one grants a skill point on completion.) Or you can just pick a direction and I can provide some assistance. Like travel buddies.

    (May be advisable to DM me, my Gamertag is in my signature below. Do as you see fit and Have a good day.)
    If we are not allowed to make mistakes, then how can we all learn from them and thusly, grow as an existential being? To become a better self not just to ourselves, but to those around us...Sometimes it is the quiet observer who sees the most. ~Kathryn L. NelsonYou can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new. ~Steve JobsTruth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is. ~Winston ChurchillIf you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. ~Rowling
  • AdiraLynn
    Hi! I am so sorry you had such bad experiences. I am relatively new, only playing for a year. I've had a few bad experienced but generally everyone has been very helpful and I was lucky to find some good guilds. One guild I am a part of is new and we are actively recruiting all levels. We just like to play the game and have fun, and even get into story telling and role playing. It is called Banners of Nirn. I am also a part of another guild that is very active and extremely friendly and helpful. They even have a weekly trial training night. They're called Unspoken Presige. Feel free to message me if you want to get involved in these guilds. My GT is CrzyFanGrl63
  • QuebraRegra
    as an XBOX NA I say WTF!?!?!

    I'm terribly sorry you were mistreated like this. I will say the servers have their share of groinks that hang out espousing all kinds of offensive Qanon type rubbish in public area chat... because MURICA, or just teens baiting I guess?

    Aside from this, unless yer leeching, no one should be kicked from a normal non-dlc dungeon. LOL @ guilds that require "application".... I'd avoid those on principal (sure there might be some legitimate guild goals for performance for trials, etc., but as a beginner... avoid that for a looong time).

    Always, announce that you need the quest by typing in group chat when you first enter the dungeon. people should at least wait, if not actively help. I have been a bit suprised recently with the *** who still foot race a skip bosses I need to complete even after i announce I need the quest... I guess their just to busy to bother? Nice :(

    "american friends".. LOL, I don't even know what to say... We yanks are quite an embarrassing lot these days.. i guess we always have been.

    Can people see my high CP when i'm on a lowbee alt? Is that why I never get kicked (i'm usually healer if MAG or DPS if STAM)? I certainly have a "fuzzy foreigner" type name from a "murican" perspective.

  • Ringing_Nirnroot
    I’ve experienced similar stuff when looking for a guild, Mostly toxic elitists until I finally found the perfect guild for me :)
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