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join our social guild World seekers

Soul Shriven
we are a new created social guild in the Xbox Na server we don’t use discord or an external voice chat program we use the in-game chat and Xbox live.
Our aim is to create a big community for all types of players and activities like questing, crafting, trading, doing dungeons, housing, exploring and many more activities , we welcome all the players who need help doing quests or in game activities as well as players who want to help others, as I mentioned before we want to create a guild for any kind of players and we need the help of anyone who is interested in joining out guild

More about us: we are a new and small guild, but we can grow with the help of any player who wants to join.
our main focus is social activities, questing and exploration but we also do activities like crafting, fishing , trading, dungeon exploration, world bosses, group delves, battlegrounds and many more activities

all players can join to our guild, we are happy to help new players with quest, but we gladly accept veteran player who enjoy the activities listed above.
Guild Rules
be respectful.
discrimination is not allowed.
be nice with others.
have fun :)

if anyone is interested you can send me a message to Xbox live, my gamertag is : Sr Jacques1268

or you can send me a direct message in game my character name is chung yung

we hope that you join our guild.

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