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Bar Locking Bug in Cyro

Just randomly happens; suddenly unable to use skills or swap bars. Happens sometimes with Werewolf Transformation but just happened to me again with no transformation; kind of ruins serious keep battles when you have to literally quit the game in order to fix the bug.
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    Normally a workaround to this is to preview a crown store mount (unironically).
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  • IAmIcehouse
    Forcing a roll dodge usually helps. (jump from a moderate height so you roll)

    Super annoying bug. Happens way too much
  • ne.ga.kurai_ESO
    I get this sometimes. What Icehouse mentioned does work. More often my block is locked out until I barswap.
  • Vignar_Giantsbane
    I will try both of those thank you! Any fix so I don't have to quit and relog into Cyro -_-
  • milllaurie
    Also unequipping a weapon and re-equipping it helps. This has to be done out of combat tho.
  • Syrpynt
    Normally a workaround to this is to preview a crown store mount (unironically).


    "Please take this moment on dying in this raid to listen to a word from our sponsors..."

    *30 second advertisement cooldown before able to release to a Transitus Shrine*

    F U T U R E
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