Returning player looking for a guild.

Soul Shriven
Very off and on player since game launched. Started on PC but been mostly XBox.

Have decided to finally make ESO my main game and looking to finally really dig in and get through some content, explore, build characters, everything...

Looking for a casual yet very active guild to join up and enjoy the game with.

I play at least 5 nights per week, anywhere from 1-4 hours per night. Have a full time job, an at home business, and 5 kids...but still find time at night to enjoy gaming.

I have ESO plus, have purchased all current expansions as they’ve come out over the years...but have decided to start from scratch with new characters.

Currently leveling a High Elf Necromancer on the AD alliance.

Ideal guild would have characters across the three alliances, but would be open to a one alliance guild if the fit is right overall.

My gamer tag is ThePrimetimeUTK

Message me in game or through XBox messaging.

  • DresdenWhite
    Hello! I run a new social guild for adult casual players. I'm dropping our description below. Feel free to join if you think we'd be a fit!

    Join The Dominion Party Dojo!

    We are a new 21+ only woman-led, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and neurodiverse-friendly casual/social guild. Our goal is to foster a warm and encouraging environment in which you can pursue your ESO dreams whatever they may be! Everyone is welcome from Day 1 players to seasoned vets.

    As a purely social guild we have no requirements. We will never ask for your parse or require certain sets. We will never judge or shame you for your preferred build or class. This is a positive place where you can play with mature, like-minded gamers. We value patience, support, and kindness.

    Our activities (so far) include PVP nights, questing, group scrying events, and dungeons (inc. vet achievement runs). We run vet content in a chill, supportive, no-pressure environment. We have a core group of players who PvP on Yellow, but we are officially Tri-Alliance.

    We have very knowledgeable vet players that can help you fine-tune a PVE or PVP build if you so choose. You will have a 9-trait crafter at your disposal as well as a guild hall with 3 and 21 mil dummies, transmute station, and basic crafting stations. As we grow we are working on adding mundus stones.

    To join:
    Join our lively Discord and drop your GT
    Reply to this thread or PM me with your GT
    Send an in-game mail to Dresden White

    My PvX social guildThe Dominion Party Dojo!
  • AdiraLynn
    Would you be interested in joining a new guild? It just started and we are very active. There's a Guild House with all crafting tables and we have a knowledgeable character builder who has been around since launch and also runs a Necro. The guild is called Banners of Nirn and we enjoy all aspects of the game from quests, dungeons and even cosplay. We have a Band Page at
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