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Rune Harvesting nodes

Soul Shriven
Hello all- I had an unusual experience harvesting runes in Rivenspire over the New Years Weekend (2021). For the life of me I can't remember exactly where, I was working on the Count Verandis Ravenwatch quests and came into an area with 4 or 5 unusual runestone nodes, each of which had eight or so runes inside and the nodes were very close together. I got so excited I forgot to mark the location. The other unusual thing was that each of the runestone nodes had another name in front of the runestone, 3 or 4 characters. not a type of rune but something else. seemed like some kind of coding placeholder. Again- forgot to take a screen shot
I ran around the zone the rest of the weekend and found nothing but the usual runestone nodes. I thought maybe it had something to do with me being the first one to access a rune after a server reboot like what happens in other MMORPG.

Anyways just hoping someone would read this and explain the anomaly to me, really quite cool. What an awesome game

Thanks for any info

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  • OldManJim
    Sounds like you had an enchanting survey from doing an enchanting writ. They’re called protean runestones.
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  • hexnotic
    OldManJim wrote: »
    Sounds like you had an enchanting survey from doing an enchanting writ. They’re called protean runestones.

    yep, they could have looted an enchanting survey from an undaunted event box and not realized it was in their inventory.
  • Qiixara
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah! Thanks. That's the ticket. I have a bunch more of those in my inventory, Thanks. Looks like I have some treasure hunting and harvesting t do.
  • redlink1979
    Ahhh ... the refreshing innocence of discovering a crafting survey site for the first time.
    Blissful moments :D:D:D:D

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