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Anyone good with sliders?

Im trying to make a male high elf that I lost sliders too. I have the picture, but when I play with the sliders it looks like he contracted rabies lol. Anyone able to assist me?
  • Nestor
    I find sticking to middle third of the ranges makes the best looking characters.

    I also find Atmer the most difficult to get right.

    I also now just do a randomize and tweak it a bit.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Davor
    That is a great idea that Nestor has. When I try to make a character that I forgot how to make, I just click on random and when I see something I like or matches what I had, I lock that part and keep hitting random again.
    Not my quote but I love this saying

    "I would pay It for support. But since they choosed we are just numbers and not customers, i dont mind if game and zos goes to oblivion"
  • aipex8_ESO
    I love maxing sliders, it's the only way to get a really unique character, and they can still look really cool. My latest two characters have many max sliders:


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