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No Crate From Twitch Drops?

I've watched at least a few hours worth of the streamers on Twitch, and haven't gotten any crate yet. And yes, they do have Drops Enabled in their title and they were playing ESO. Is this not set to be received soon after? Or will only be sent out at the end of the drop period.
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Greetings @WereTech

    For information on Twitch Drops and drop frequency, please see this article.
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  • Dojohoda
    Neither one of my accounts are getting drops from watching twitch this week. I did not get a drop from watching the cooking stream and have not received a drop since. I have received no emails regarding getting a crate. I thought the cooking stream was a guaranteed drop. I normally get drops and I have made no changes on either of my accounts.
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  • etchedpixels
    I got two. Which is equally odd as I only watched one enabled stream and the first crate arrived before I watched any. Similar thing happened once before too.

    There is another one to watch out for - you don't seem to get credited for a drop if twitch thinks you are offline/away but setting yourself online in twitch seems to then get the drop.

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  • idk
    I do not think @ZOS_Adrikoth understands that it is not the schedule but a regular issue when drops are enabled. I think our accounts get unlinked. When I do not get drops I go through the process of unlinking and re-linking and that works. It is an unrefined system.
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