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Game gets “frozen” and crashes all the time since new patch.

Good afternoon everybody,

could someone please offer me insight on my situation - the game while playing gets frozen so often after the release of new patch. And it happens about 3 times every hour, sometimes more.
While I’m in PvP, scrying, on vet HM, just standing in a city, or sometimes on loading screen, the game seems to freeze all the time (not crash - literally a freeze frame). I have to restart everything all the time and it just gets worse from there.
My internet connection is great so I can’t be that, my XboX is almost new, no problems in any other games. My boyfriend is also playing ESO and he is experiencing the same problems, though a bit less often.

So fart I’ve tried:
Resetting the console
Reinstalling the game

Nothing helped.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues? It’s gotten to the point where I don’t enjoy to play anymore, I get frozen so often I am becoming problem to other people in the group, and usually when I have to restart the game I can’t log in for another 3 mins so if I’m with pug I get kicked for being this point it’s very frustrating to play, because only thing I think about is when I will get frozen again...>_<

Thank you for any answers
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  • mwzard
    Yeah the game is unplayable today for me. Besides the bug in some of the dungeons I keep getting disconnected from the game. I lost count how many times.
  • White wabbit
    White wabbit
    Yep they made something that broken and broken it even more
  • ZOS_Bill
    As posted here, we are currently investigating these reported crashes on all platforms. With multiple threads on this topic we'll be closing this one. Further discussion can continue here.
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