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Stadia/ESO linking/unlinking content question

Haven't been able to play ESO for the past few years due to a bad PC and am leaning towards trying it out on Stadia, since it's looking like the PC thing won't be resolved anytime soon. Been really missing this game :(
But, I have a few questions first

1. Most importantly, is it still on Stadia? And available with the Stadia free trial?
2. If I link my old account to Stadia that I used to use before the PC issues popped up, and I purchase some of the new content that's come out in the years since I've last played. Can I later unlink my account from Stadia once I get my own working PC again while still having access to the content I bought on there? Or will I need to buy it all again, even though I used my original account and not a Stadia original one.

I'd really appreciate the help.
  • Ladayen
    Most importantly, is it still on Stadia? Yes it is .

    And available with the Stadia free trial? No it's not. You will have to purchase the base game on stadia to play. However You get a $10 coupon when you sign up for the free trial so with the current black friday sale It will still be free.

    Purchases are attached to your account no matter if you are playing on PC or Stadia. You dont need to unlink your account as you can switch back and forth freely.
  • Taleof2Cities
    ESO was only a Stadia Pro free trial offering until July 16th, @brandon. Although you are no longer able to claim ESO for free, it is still available in the Stadia Store as a traditional purchase.

    Yes, you can unlink Stadia from ESO through an ESO Online Support ticket (if you used your old account to link Stadia).

    There are no platform transfers of accounts, characters, crowns, etc. if you decide to start a new account on Stadia and then want to change to PC.
  • ZOS_Bill

    If you do decide to start a ticket for unlinking assistance, you can post the ticket number here for updates.
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