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Crashes, crashes... and more crashes!!


That's it. The new patch intended to fix crashes has just created... crashes!!! By Azura's sake, how is that possible? Since earlier today, after the patch download and ZoS testing I crashed 3 times.

I really don't know how could I express my frustration with all of this.

... and Werewolf still broken. By Azura's sake, what a mess.
  • ZathrasParadox
    I just experienced 7 Bluescreens in a row trying to load back into the game after Bluescreening in Razak's Wheel trying to do a mage guild daily quest. That is just in the past several minutes.
    The game crashing is far worse than it was before today's patch. My game has crashed more since the patch today than I have since the DLC released.
    If I can't play the game, why pay for ESO plus? It doesn't seem like the funds we pay in are going towards fixing the game.
  • DrYitMat
    I simply gave up & canceled my sup. All our + cash feels like it just goes to the crown store. Crownstore went down on Markarth patch & was back up within 24 hours. Meanwhile the rest of the game is in the state its in.
  • eden288
    Soul Shriven
    Yea agreed, we tryed to run vSS last night and had about 9 crashed in 1 hour, every attempt on last boss made someone crash at some point...
    one of the pulls we had 3 people crash at the same time, and thats after the patch !
  • pamichic
    Attempted vMOL HM last night, everytime we got to pad 5 someone crashed. First it was 5 - yes, 5 of us.

    Then it was 2 by 2.

    We went old skool - skele polymorphs, no non combat pets, and searched our names in the guild roster - no more crashes and we were able to complete.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno are you guys going to address this? Everyone's patience is very thin and people are leaving in droves. Please make some sort of statement and own that the game is a mess!
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  • ZOS_RyanM
    Hello! We can understand the frustration you feel when you experience crashes when trying to play your game. As there are currently multiple threads discussing the recent increase in crashes, we've decided to close this thread. You can continue the discussion and find troubleshooting in this thread: "CTD event log"
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