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Crash Data - Dungeons and more.


My group and I have been paying more attention to the crash issues. Specifically what boss fights, mini pack fights, Player character skills, and area of effect or particular status effects are present. This is all taken from playing live post update on Xbox NA.

We've noticed greater frequency in crash, newer type desync situations, or severe lag results during;

Fights with "Lich" style mobs. (Caluurion, 2nd boss Wayrest 2, Lich's in necropolis pub d, etc.)
Maelstrom Arena 5
Atro Trash Packs and First Boss adds, Icereach
Left Boss Sunspire - Lokkestiiz
Atro Trash Packs and The Weeping Woman fight and adds, Depths of Malatar
Husk Trash Packs and Stone Behemoth fight, Stone Garden

There are more, but these were more prominent and lend to a common denominator. As does the next segment;

Player Character skill usage observed or tested in PvE Dungeons, Public Dungeons, Delves, PvP Battlegrounds, Cyro, IC, and Duels; Usage of the following:

Lightning Form and Morphs
Bolt Escape Morph - Specifically Ball of Lightning
Sleet Storm and Morphs
Impaling Shards and Morphs
Wall of Elements and Morphs - Primarily Frost Staff versions
Impulse and Morphs - Primarily Frost Staff versions
Meteor - Specifically Ice Comet Morph
Frozen Colossus and Glacial Colossus Morph
Boneyard - Specifically Avid Boneyard Morph

I'm sure there are more, but this is all we've managed to do so far.

The vast majority seem to involve frost damage, snare component aoe, pulse type damage over time/aoe, or high probability status effect application scenarios. With Frost or similarly scripted skills being the most prevalent.

Knowing that there is often redundancy in the usage of coding things. Many effects act or animate the same way, calculate via the same method, etc.; as in so many things are re-used. Is it possible that the introduction of Brittle in the metrics may be a contributing factor?

If damage and status effect applications are similar, while brittle is a tagged additive to the status effect, is it possible the system is attempting to register brittle on a player character while the source of the cause of the status is coming from an NPC, therefore not knowing how to calculate being that the NPC cannot do critical damage?

I crash 3-4x more often on my Nord, than I do other characters. He's supposed to be immune to the "chilled" effect. Effectively making it so "brittle" should/can not be applied. He also happens to be a Warden.

We're just connecting the dots here. It seems to be the most prevalent common denominator. I know there were also issues with Brittle not working correctly on PTS. One example being, the Brittle status being applied while not having a frost staff equipped. This was "fixed" just prior to live release.


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  • RageKing
    I crashed 3 times today doing antiquties, PC NA. each time it crashed was while excavating and used the heavy shovel double layer removal.
    Also crashed from lich style bosses which i posted about in another thread.
  • ZOS_Bill
    As posted here, we are currently investigating these reported crashes on all platforms. With multiple threads on this topic we'll be closing this one. Further discussion can continue here.
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