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Deathmatch Compromise

A great portion of the BG player base prefers deathmatch to all other game modes. Please make the group que deathmatch, and leave the solo que as random game modes for the casual players. This way, the population isn't further split and the deathmatch players have a chance to play their desired game mode without ruining it for casual or objective players by ignoring the objectives and deathmatching anyways. Thank you
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Ali Dreadsabre -Necromancer
Ali Sabre -Nightblade
  • TBois
    As someone who only wants to do flags games not due to objective preference but because I'm trying to get the last few Battlegrounds Runner weapon pages, this would be a welcome change.
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  • Xiomaro
    At the very least they need to make deathmatch come up twice as often. There are two land grab modes, two flag game modes but only one deathmatch. That means you've got a 1 in 5 chance of getting it. It should be 1 in 3.
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  • sabresandiego_ESO
    They do
    Ali Dreadsabre -Necromancer
    Ali Sabre -Nightblade
  • Waffennacht
    Id be pissed if I was stuck with non DM random just because I solo
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  • Orange_fire_dragon
    BG matchmaking distribution:

    50% DM / 50% Objective Mode

    Please ZOS.

    right now it is 2% dm and 48% chaosball and 50% ctr

    I am not kidding you, I counted one night I got 1 dm and rest was either chaosball or ctr and I played about 20 matches.
    At one point I had 7 ctr games in a row.
    Also did I mention that the only dm match I got, my game crashed just as the match began? so that was great experience
  • MurderMostFoul
    For God's sake, I can't get a DM match to save my life for the last few days.

    Please ZOS, you must have the data regarding how much more frequently deathmatch was selected when game mode selection was possible. This clearly shows a strong preference for that mode. Matchmaking should reflect that preference by making deathmatch result from matchmaking more frequently than the objective modes.

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  • Jeremy
    Everyone should play only DM in every mode until we get our DM only queue back...

    I can’t believe anyone in their mind can decide to make a pre-made group of 4 players for BG and go play relics, domination or crazy king... It is absurd and top level delusional nonsense.


    A lot of people seemed to have gotten your memo. Because that is exactly what they are doing.
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  • idk
    OP does not seem to be offering a compromise but merely asking for what they want and offering to change what they probably never use in a ruse of a bargain.

    Maybe make it to there is a solo queue where one can choose their match and leave the group queue as it is. Flip what OP suggests.
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