account wipe glitch please fix

i tried to log into eso before the servers went down and it reset my acc and said i couldn't relink my eso acc back to my xbox acc and said my eso acc doesn't exist please fix this zos i know more than 10 people that have already been experiencing the problem and they've been playing for years including myself and i freaked out because of it i and a lot of people have put a lot and time and effort into pve and pvp and questing and just the game in general
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  • Synssaturdayy9
    it's a glitch 11 people i know has also been experiencing this plz help zos it's saying our accounts don't exist
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  • urinesample
    Soul Shriven
    Had the same issues this morning before patch. Was hoping it fixed itself after patch downloaded have not been on to try it yet.
  • Synssaturdayy9
    i just got info from a friend if you make a new acc on you're main while the glitch is up it will perma delete you're acc i suggest to not make a new character/eso acc until after the glitch is fixed
  • ZOS_Bill
    With multiple threads on this topic we are closing this one.

    As posted here, this was an issue during maintenance which should now be resolved. Further discussion can take place in the thread here.
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