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Fake tanking is easily prevented and ruins many random qeues. You must take action. It's everywhere.

You guys know what I am talking about and yes I know you can get away with it in some vet dungeons but it is inexcusable and trashy behavior. I just had 3 random queues in a row fail because a DPS came in and tried to fake tank a pledge. People in the group all felt it was a common issue. Cutting the queue line and screwing other people over is ridiculous. I lost 2 hours on this behavior and got nothing accomplished.

Many games have a solution for this. It would be very easy for ZoS to have a HP or gear check, anything along those lines. Most likely a skills on bar check or a combination of all of them. This *** needs to stop.
  • VaranisArano
    There's no gear/skill/HP check that can't be subverted while still allowing for non-meta tanks.
  • mobicera
    It's also largely on zos for failing to teach people how to play.
    You would get more real tanks and dps joining random que, if people just tried.
    You get a "tank" who taunts one stupid little archer and stands there heavy attacking it while as a fps you just have to kill most of the mobs 1 by 1 as everyone is running around like idiots because a tank can't stack.
    You que as a tank you get these gung *** dps that just run in pew pew light attacking with a bow doing 1k dps and also screwing with your stack while running from your olo like its the freaking plague.
    Fg1 takes 35 minutes and at the end you just wonder does anyone in this actually have respect for their fellow players or their time.
    Personally when I entered group content more so vet level I was prepared l, I wasn't doing whatever the heck I wanted the team be damned.
    I had some respect.
    You can't put that all on the player though as after 1 tamerial the game has taught you even less as you can light attack overland to victory with any mismatch skills and gear.
    If the quality of players using the random finder improved (probably won't happen as zos seems against teaching people how to actually play in group content) then you would actually get less fake roles, simply because more people wouldn't log off before using it...
  • Veinblood1965
    NO PLEASE I beg of you no more fake tanking threads!
  • ZOS_Volpe

    Because there is a thread already open on this topic, we're going to close this one down so that all feedback can be consolidated in one place. You may continue the discussion here.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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