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tanked my first dungeon as a necro

how the heck am i suppose to taunt everything? its madness.
  • Merlin13KAGL
    The same way any other class does, combo of Pierce Armor and Inner Fire.

    There is no AoE taunt for any class.

    You can use Silver Leash and Beckoning Armor for pulls, Totem and Embrace for CC, Scythe for heals, Guardian for heals and damage reduction, Collosus and Boneyard for debuff.

    Necro tank is quite viable in most content. It's going to play differently than DK does, and the resource return (DK still being the best) almost feels like cheating on the DK.

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  • Drdeath20
    Pre buff with beckoning armor to help pull in ranged adds. Use agony totem on trash to fear them, which will buy you some time to finish grouping adds. Damage dealers should make quick work of the adds you have grouped up the stragglers you might need to range taunt.
  • Magdalina
    You aren't really supposed to taunt everything. You taunt the bosses (obviously) and the most dangerous of the ads - it's usually the biggest, meanest looking guy(s). If it's humanoid, it probably has either a shield or a 2h. They usually also have the fancier healthbar (not like a boss one, but fancier than a normal mob). Most everything else you just pull in and CC for convenience, your group really shouldn't die if you don't taunt every single one of the 15 trash archers/mages/swordsmen/etc. If your group does die, your group is doing something wrong. If your group insists that you should be taunting every single one of the 15 mobs, your group doesn't understand how ESO dungeons work.
  • BejaProphet
    They are right, you can’t taunt all when the group is large, but neither should the tank just taunt the boss then kick his feet up and relax.

    Do all you can to bring order to the chaos and do it every pull. That will make you a better tank.

    The fact that you will never be able to do it perfectly is why it will always be fun.
  • NoMoreChillies
    Vateshran Shield helps with AOE pull
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