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Heads up: PTS Maintenance w/ NA Char Copy - 9/10

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

Wanted to give you a heads up that we'll be performing maintenance on the PTS tomorrow, Sept 19, beginning at 10am EDT. This will include a PC NA character copy, and should take a few hours to complete. This is not Update 28, but is rather just a reboot and some backend maintenance (sorry!)
Gina Bruno
ESO Community Manager
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  • Cinbri
    This will include a PC NA character copy\

  • danthemann5
    How about natch potes from the future? :p


    Everything you love will be nerfed, everything you hate will be buffed.
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  • Auldjohn
    Confused much? Perhaps there's a bad translation from real world EDT day to Tamriel Calendar Day and Date, thence reverse translation for the Dev/Manager Forum post topic!?! ;)
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  • Shantu
    While you're likely aware, the PTS does not have the nerf to the Precise trait implemented.
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