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Nalpa-Tumleel/Rotten Root Tribe XB1 NA


We're a pretty casual "light RP"/social guild open to all Saxhleel seeking a home. There are no requirements to join us (outside of being Saxhleel). We utilize Lakemire Xanmeer (Nalpa Uxith/Rotten Nest) as our main home however we also use Grand Topal Hideaway (Rotten Root Village). We are EP for Cyrodiil but welcome all Argonians who'd rather see us returned to our former glory. We do questing, dungeons, trials, world bosses, antiquities, and have master crafters with us. Our ranks include both new players and vets. We are also building a PVP team. We have yet to create a schedule as we simply aid each other via request however the idea is on the table. (Side note: we also have a sister guild called The Whet Fang Clan for Saxhleel and inhabitants of Black Marsh who are infected with Vampirism)


The Nalpa-Tumleel is a very ancient tribe of Saxhleel, existing since before the days of Duskfall. Once a tribe of a royalty, many leaders from that time were born of their nest. Originally called the Tsoko-Tumleel (Elder Root Tribe). When the days of Duskfall began a few Hist did not agree with the changes coming. Greel-Vestei, of the Tsoko-Tumleel was one of those Hist. To combat these changes Greel-Vestei severed Its connection to the roots of the other Hist (except for the two who agreed with and followed Greel-Vestei). To further keep its tribe away from the influence of other Saxhleel, Greel-Vestei made a deal with Peryite who infected Greel-Vestei with Serratus Peryiphim one of the rarest of the vampiric diseases in Tamriel. From then on Greel-Vestei was able to infect tribal members at will via Its sap, creating an inner circle, the tribes own Whet-Fang Clan. Over time the Tsoko-Tumleel, in their solitude, began to abhor the other Saxhleel tribes. The other tribes soon deemed them Nalpa-Tumleel (Rotten Root Tribe) due to their infectious Hist and lack of unity with the other tribes. Eventually the Tsoko-Tumleel embraced their new given name. For centuries they remained in the Deepmire in their Xanmeer stronghold now known as the Nalpa-Uxith (Rotten Nest) and also in Rotten Root Village (a town on a volcanic island in the Grand Topal Bay). Holding on to the old ways they continue to view Seth(Sithis) as a destroyer and wishing to bring back the days of antiquity, when the Saxhleel were united as a great empire and their stoneworks left both Mer and Man in awe.


1. Toteik Vakka - Literally "Great Sun". Founder and leader of the tribe.

Jobs Include:
- Assigning Nisswoleel and Shadowscales.
- Confirming all promotions.
- Communicating with high rank members on ways to improve the Tribe.
- Final approval or denial of Tribe activities.
- Demote and promote members.
- Edit about us.
- Provides the Guild Hall
- Hire Guild Traders.

2. Nisswo/Nisswoleel - Literally "Nothing Speaker(s)" Priest of Seth/Sithis, a council of 4 members.

Jobs Include
- Council chooses acting Toteik Vakka while leader is away.
- Ensures roles are doing their jobs.
- Collecting feedback from Shadowscales and Krona-Kahleel.
- Managing promotions of high rank Saxhleel.
- Demotes and promotes members.
- Edit about us.

3. Shadowscales/Kota-Eixhleel - A covert role in service of the Toteik Vakka and Nisswoleel, they act as spies and assassins in service of the tribe and Seth.

Jobs Include
- Monitoring all ranking members and their activities.
- Managing social media channels.
- Ensuring roles are doing their jobs.
- Demote and promote members.
- Hire guild traders.
- Monitor new members
- Remove inactive members.

4. Krona-Kahleel - Literally "Big War Captains". Particularly skilled war chiefs.

Jobs Include
- First to lead the Tribe in PVP activities.
- Gathering feedback from lower ranked members.
- Reporting to the Nisswoleel.
- Manage member applications.
- Promote and demote members.
- Creating, testing, explaining and demonstrating PVP builds.

5. Raj-Ka-Deelithleel - Literally "Elder War Teachers"

Jobs Include
- Making sure all members know their tribal history and lore.
- First in command of PVE group activities.
- Creating, testing, explaining and demonstrating PVE builds.
- Sharing speed leveling techniques.
- Promoting and demoting members.

6. Tree Minders - Responsible for taking care of the Hist, resource caretakers.

Jobs Include
- Raising funds for the Tribe.
- Making sure guild store is stocked.
- Hiring guild traders.
- Shadowscale apprenticeship.
- Approval and collection of loans made to members.

7. Kaalhleel - Literally "War Captains". Warriors who have proven themselves amongst the tribe.

Jobs Include
- Creating, explaining, testing and demonstrating PVP builds.
- Second in command in PVP.
- Steps up to lead in PVP guild campaign parties in case of the absence of the Krona-Kahleel
- Maintaining war supplies e.g trebs and rams.

8. Ka-Deelithleel - Literally "War Teachers". Proven warriors responsible for teaching others the art of war.

Jobs Include
- Creating, explaining, testing and demonstrating PVE builds.
- Second in command in PVE.
- Steps up to lead in PVE activity parties in case of the absence of the Raj-Ka-Deelithleel.
- Assisting members in any activities they may need help in.

9. Reel-Kahleel - Literally "Warriors". The strength of the tribe. The average member who has proven themselves and gained the trust of the tribe.

Jobs Include
- Helping other members with activities when needed.
- Maintaining a presence and representing our tribe.
- Recruiting members.

10. Deek-Beekoleel - Literally "Sapling Friend" used for both, tribal members who have recently joined the ranks and newly adopted members of the tribe.

Jobs Include
- Aiding and assisting members when needed.
- Recruiting new members.
- Anything to prove themselves to the tribe.

if interested contact me at GT MICANGELO7
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