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PvP RP video - Dragon Fire | The Cyrodiil Wars

I have often found that when pvp’ Ing in Cyrodiil that a nice story unfolds most nights. Rather than just make a video of pvp gameplay I thought I’d try to capture that story using some light RP in a video. I hope people enjoy it as much I did making it. I thought RPers would appreciate this more so posted it here.

Please sub if you like it I’ll be making more.
  • casparian
    ✭✭✭'re the Chosen One! The one prophesied to show us the way toward peace...only when the RP Side and the PVP Side are brought into harmony shall we achieve true balance and put aside these false divisions once and for all!
    7-day PVP campaign regular 2016-2019, Flawless Conqueror. MagDK/stamplar/stamwarden/mageblade. Requiem, Legend, Knights of Daggerfall. Currently retired from the wars; waiting on performance improvements.
  • KamoChameleon
    Best comment ever!
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