[Xbox] [18+] Looking for casual Xbox guild for adults

Hello everyone,
I am looking for an active casual Xbox guild for adults. I have been part of many guilds from some of the most well known to some of the largest. I don't care what size your guild is as long as there are dozen or so people who like to group for random things. Ideally people who appreciate lore and are completionists. Ideally all adults. Right now I am part of a huge & very popular guild but so what when nobody will group with me or talk to me, might as well solo.

I realize you can be part of multiple guilds but tbh I am oldschool when it comes to this and I don't care for it. I rather find one good guild and stick with it.

I am:
in PDT (west coast) time zone
casual player
active daily

OGCryptor in game, main character "OG Cryptor".

If you have any questions fire away. Feel free to DM me here or in game. If you send me a guild invite without talking to me at all I will just refuse it, not interested in joining someone who can;t exchange a sentence or two.
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