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Sneak and Shadowy Disguise Problems, Stonethorn PTS

Patch 6.1.1 broke Shadowy Disguise and Sneak a little.

I was testing on live and PTS servers some skills to see which I wanted to use on a nightblade build. I found out some strange things, some of which are only on PTS, specifically the Snipe issue.
Sneak damage and Shadowy Disguise guaranteed crit are not consistent at all...

1) Any direct damage stamina skill/weapon attack gets guaranteed crit AND extra damage from sneak. I test both Focused Aim(Snipe) from bow skills and Dizzying Swing(Uppercut) from 2-handed skills and both crit every time from sneak AND got more damage also.

2) It seems Dizzying Swing from sneak was about 4x the normal base damage and Focused Aim from sneak was 2x the normal base damage while both only crit for 50% more than base damage when using Shadowy Disguise.
Why does Dizzying Swing hit for a much larger multiplier from Sneak than Focused Aim?
Why does either ability hit for more from Sneak than a normal crit when they both hit harder than every other stamina ability OR any magicka ability? It seems they're just unfair/unbalanced all around.

3) Only melee Magicka abilities get guaranteed crit from Sneak, but they don't get any extra damage. Ranged magicka abilities don't even crit, not even light attacks with a staff, just as if you hadn't been in sneak. I tested this with both Force Shock and Swallow Soul(Strife).
Why don't all magicka abilities crit from Sneak regardless of being ranged or melee, like stamina abilities?

4) Despite even staff light attacks not getting any crit benefit from sneak, the echantment on the staff seems almost guaranteed to crit from sneak but not 100% as my testing showed. The enchantment definitely crit far more often from sneak than when not sneaking though.
Why do enchantments hav e ahigher crit chance, but not a guarantee, from Sneak than any other time? Why do the even crit on staff light attacks when the staff light attack can't crit from Sneak?

5) Imbue Weapon doesn't even crit from sneak or Shadowy Disguise guaranteed crit buff. This definitely makes this buff just junk compared to most skills.
Is this intended or a bug? It doesn't work like the set bonus added damage to weapon attacks.

6) The Shadowy Disguise guaranteed crit buff works on light attacks from staves and Dizzying Swing but somehow doesn't work on Focused Aim. Focused Aim is just "white damage" every time, unless a lucky normal crit, from Shadowy Disguise.
Are other cast time ranged abilities the same with Shadowy Disguise? Why is Focused Aim not critting when it is "direct damage"? Is it the cast time, but then why does Dizzying Swing still guaranteed crit from Shadowy Disguise with its cast time?

7) Force Shock doesn't "all crit" in any way. Anytime it does crit it only crits 1-2 of the 3 parts of the damage. They all hit at the exact same time though so why don't they all crit from the same cast, especially when from Shadowy Disguise?
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