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[Request] Housing 'kits' and furniture 'paints/stains"

I was thinking about all the trouble ESO says they have with performance when too many items are placed in an area and thus the need for hard and fast furniture slot limits. But what if there were available "kits" for things people want?

Request 1: Furniture Kits

Imagine you are building your own custom built pirate ship, you could easily end up using 200-300 individual items to make a good looking custom pirate ship. That takes a huge chunk out of your available limit for decorating the rest of your home. But what if ESO released a Sail Ship Kit, the existing models we already see ingame, just in say 20-30 individual chunks.

Now you, as a home builder, have hundreds of extra slots to play with since your ship is made up of significantly fewer pieces and broken up into pieces still allows your ship to look unique to your home if lets say you want to just use parts of it and end up with an air ship, or a ship run aground, or even a whole shipyard in the middle of constructing a new fleet.


Or lets say you want a field of flowers, you could use 150-300 flowers to create your field but if there was a "enchanted forest kit" again, 20-30 chunks.

Just an idea, I know wont work for everything.

Request 2: Furniture Paints/Stains.

The same way the outfit system lets you customize your characters look, what if we could change the paint job on certain home furnishings? What if you really like the Alinor Pergola, Blue Wisteria Peaked, but wish it was painted a different color to match the rest of your house?

  • katanagirl1
    There are many times I would want groups of flowers instead of buying each individually, but I don’t think you would be able to control the spacing of individual items within the group, that would be the only drawback.

    For the furniture painting and dyeing, are you suggesting that feature be added to outfit stations or some other way?

    I like the ideas and hope this starts some more discussion about improvements.

    EDIT: clarification
    EDIT2: Actually, it would be optimal to be able to include the paint/dye function into the housing editor somehow
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  • Athyrium93
    I love both of these ideas so much. They are getting better with having items come in bigger chunks (like filled bookshelves, plates with food on them, some plant/flower clumps) but it would be fantastic to have even more.

    As for dying items, omg yes please! I'd love to be able to paint walls instead of using carpets as wall paper, or to change the color of blankets on beds, I wouldn't even mind if it was a limited feature, but it would be a huge QoL improvement.
  • Scion_of_Yggdrasil
    Absolutely. I wish there were more "cluster" options. Clusters of flowers, trees, bushes, etc.

    Also with they had furniture arrangements too. Like a single table and two chairs, but as one unit, instead of 3. They could provide various "scenes" like some barrels and crates in a group, or a desk with chair and writing supplies.

    Either that, or lets just raise the item limit please :astonished:
  • Tigerseye
    A lot of people have requested this kind of thing before.

    Things have got better, in terms of more things coming in groups.

    Filled wineracks, meals, bowls of onions etc.

    I agree that the more the better, though.

    The downside, as someone pointed out, is that you then don't get to arrange things exactly how you would like, but on the whole that is hugely outweighed by the convenience and slot saving advantages.

    Especially if the items are also available separately, so you can still do it all by hand, if preferred.

    Which some have been and some haven't been, so far.
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