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The Prince of Madness wants you! Don't wait to be turned into a pumpkin!

Soul Shriven

Guild: Wabbajack Tea Party

Guild Members: 68

Are you in need of an achievement focused social guild to add to your primary social guild or trial guild? Do you want an easy place to group up, be challenged, and participate in some monthly events? Are you new to ESO/MMORPGs and want some guidance? Perhaps you enjoy playing Bingo?

Then take a look at our new and growing guild - Wabbajack Tea Party! We know people are busy with life and goals in game, so we created WTP to encourage autonomous decision making from its members. We’re an 18+ Ebonheart Pact guild (but all alliances welcome!) with the occasional 21+ “Drinking & Dungeons/Trial” night.

We have a monthly event of Bingo. You get a personal Bingo card with squares of in-game goals, then you set out to get Bingo(s) over the month!! You do skyshards with another guild? Mark off your Bingo card! You hunt world bosses weekly? Bingo! You need help with both of those? Sign up in our channel!

We don’t make daily events, but we have weekly weekend trials and some other fun pop-up events. As a member, you’re always encouraged to ask for events too! Do you need a trial done? Sure! Here’s a bot to help set it up. You need a gear farming night? Alright! We’ve got a tagging system and grouping channel!

If you want to give yourself a real challenge, then check out our Colosseum channel on Discord. We have all vet content listed for the major achievements. You just have to get a group of WTP guildies and aim to complete it before another group does it first!

Wabbajack Tea Party - Join our Discord!
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