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PTS Patch Notes v6.1.1

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The Elder Scrolls Online v6.1.1 adds a new event for testing, the Lost Treasures of Skyrim, in addition to custom UI scaling for Gamepad Mode. Several fixes and adjustments have been made to the two Stonethorn dungeons, as well as some item sets, class abilities, housing systems, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 121MB.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
  • Template Updates
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • DLCs & Chapters
      • Greymoor
      • Stonethorn
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
      • Art & Animation
      • Audio
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • Housing
      • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Split the Monster Mask containers into two different containers: Monster Masks A-M, and Monster Masks N-Z.
    • Added the style items for Clockwork, Greymoor, and Sea Giant Styles to the Style Ingredients container.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • You can no longer attack the survivor Bjernild when you encounter her as part of the Greymoor main quest.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Castle Thorn
      • General
        • Fixed several visual issues related to fixtures within the Dungeon.
        • Friendly Virulent Viscera will no longer trigger incorrect combat music.
      • Lady Thorn
        • Fixed several issues with player abilities not visually displaying on Lady Thorn when she is flying and hovering.
        • Lady Thorn will now react a bit less to player effects impacting her. We switched her to decaf in the hopes she is less jittery.
        • Lady Thorn will no longer briefly change her health levels when Hard Mode is active if you fail the encounter and the fight resets.
        • The visual effects from Lady Thorn’s Incursion ability are now clearer when she emerges from invisibility.
        • Updated the visual effects for Lady Thorn’s Scatter ability.
        • Lady Thorn can no longer be targeted during her Scatter ability.
        • Lady Thorn’s Scatter ability will no longer place her directly on top of her target, but rather to the side of her intended target. This should prevent her from “nudging” your character aside.
        • Removed the Scatter ability’s visual outline of Lady Thorn after the ability has ended for the last time while Hard Mode is active.
        • Lady Thorn will no longer be able to transition to hovering while her Scatter ability is still active.
        • The Batswarm ability is now removed when Lady Thorn casts her Scatter ability.
        • Batswarm’s visual effects will no longer be overwritten by status effects applied to Lady Thorn.
        • Lady Thorn’s corpse will no longer vanish prematurely if killed with a status effect.
    • Stone Garden
      • General
        • Fixed several visual issues related to fixtures within the Dungeon.
        • Disguises, costumes and polymorphs no longer interfere with the appearance of the Bestial Transformation.
        • Gwendis will no longer be in two places at once after you enter Arkasis’ laboratory.
      • Exarch Kraglen
        • Exarch Kraglen will no longer interrupt Gwendis when she is speaking. Her voice will not be silenced by the likes of him.
        • Exarch Kraglen will no longer briefly change his health levels when Hard Mode is active if you fail the encounter and the fight resets.
        • Fracture can now hit targets anywhere in the fight space.
      • Stone Behemoth
        • Stone Behemoth will no longer briefly change its health levels when Hard Mode is active if you fail the encounter and the fight resets.
      • Arkasis the Mad Alchemist
        • Shock Emitters will no longer have a chance to erupt before reaching their intended player target.
        • Enemies knocked down by the Werewolf Behemoth ability Thunderous Stomp are now properly stunned and unable to cast abilities.
    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where abilities that cost health and dealt damage would fail to be incorporated in a Target Dummy’s Damage Per Second calculation reports.
    • Fixed an issue where abilities that granted slotted passive bonuses, such as Werewolf Transformation, could apply at incorrect times.

    • Draconic Power
      • Dragon Blood
        • Coagulating Dragon Blood (morph): Increased the base healing of this ability by approximately 12% to ensure it’s closer in line with other heals, such as Breath of Life. With this new value, the heal for Coagulating should be slightly weaker than these heals (Breath of Life, Blood Sacrifice, etc.) while above 50% Health, but slightly stronger than them while below 50% Health. The deviation in healing effectiveness will be between 0 and 16.5%.

    • Grave Lord
      • Frozen Colossus
        • Pestilent Colossus (morph): Fixed an issue where the damage from this Ultimate could be dodged, despite being a player-sourced Area of Effect attack.

    • Werewolf
      • Attempting to ride a group mount while in Werewolf transformation will now generate the proper error message.

    • Fixed an issue where some sets could grant incorrect values when first equipping.

    Crafted Sets
    • Dreamer’s Mantle and Draugr’s Heritage:
      • Fixed an issue where these sets’ knockback and secondary procs could desync from one another, happening at different time frames.
      • Fixed an issue where the knockback from these sets would not also stun more than 1 target affected, allowing others to slide around as if they were masters of the conga line.
    • New Moon Acolyte: Reduced the Weapon and Spell Damage granted from this set’s 5 piece bonus to 401, down from 481. This was done to make up for the fact that the resource cost increase penalty can be easily alleviated in group settings by having allies supply you with sets or synergies.
    • Torug’s Pact: Reduced the bonus to enchantment potency to 45%, down from 90%, since this bonus can apply to both of your enchantments.

    Dungeon & Arena Sets
    • Elemental Precision: Reduced the bonus Critical Damage Taken from this set’s stacks to 5% per, down from 6% per.
    • Spell Power Cure: Reduced the duration of the Major Courage granted from this set to 5 seconds, down from 10 seconds, to reinforce the need to constantly heal your allies, getting them to full health and ensuring they stay topped off at all times.
    • Unleashed Terror:
      • Adjusted this set to persist for 10 seconds, up from 5 seconds.
      • Reduced the damage to ensure the DPS remains relatively the same, while lowering the burst damage it provided.

    Mythic Items
    • Thrassian Stranglers: Increased the duration of each stack to 10 minutes to make them essentially permanent while fixing some bugs with actual permanent stacks.
      • Note: This set is currently undergoing some additional changes which are not yet complete. We plan to increase the maximum stack count from 20 to 50, allowing the set to stack up to a maximum of 2000 Weapon and Spell Damage, but with a 50% reduction in healing and shield efficacy and 50% increased damage taken; this should make the maximum power of this set unattainable to reach by multiple players in Trial settings. At the moment, these stacks are also not being removed on death. These changes and issues will be fixed in a future PTS patch.
      Developer Comment:
      This set was originally created to be a risk/reward set that inflicted you with such a high penalty that despite the power potential it offered, attaining it would be something you'd seldom want to keep. After monitoring much of the sets' performance and metrics after Greymoor launched, we noticed the overall goal of people using the set was to sit at max stacks for as long as possible, and never really think about dumping them.The issues behind this stemmed from the fact it offered so much damage, that even if their character did die, they'd rather try again than not try at all. During this PTS cycle, we've found a much healthier maximum of the set that still offers a staggering amount of power if you can capitalize, but with even more aggressive penalties, to hopefully reinforce a sense of looming dread when you try and reach the cap.

      Additionally, we saw this set being used by far too many players in Trials, which led to an unhealthy balance between Magicka and Stamina. We've rectified the latter by adding in the addition of Weapon Damage, but we still don't want this set being ran by 8+ damage dealers. Last week with the first PTS patch, we attempted to make this impossible by making stacks last 30 seconds, but it came with the trade off that this set now introduced a new layer of difficulty, time and stack management; we heard that overall, it was simply too much for the set. We've toned it back and increased the duration to 10 minutes (which we can still address further if need be) to remove some of that stress of needing to constantly live in battle and get kills. This change would have allowed the set to be ran again in Trials with relative ease for non progression groups, so we needed to find a new way to prevent it from being ran all over the place.

      As mentioned above, in a future PTS patch, we'll be increasing the maximum number of stacks from 20 to 50, as well as amping up the penalties from the original 40% (pre-PTS) to 50%. With both of these changes, it will ensure it will be MUCH harder for multiple users to all reach the maximum stack count of the set in a Trial environment, as the number of available kills is limited to the number of enemies inside, and the increased threat will make you think twice about keeping it active all the time. With these changes, we're hoping to still see the set being used in areas such as dungeons, arenas, and PvP, but hoping to see it far less frequently in Trials.

      As a closing note, we'll be monitoring our effectiveness of kiss curse, or risk versus reward sets better in the future, and trying to make penalties that are harder to bypass when in group settings, to ensure we don't have another repeat of Thrassian's release.

    PvP Sourced
    • Meritorious Service: Increased the Armor from this set to 3540, up from the incorrect 3450.
    • Ravager: Fixed an issue where this set did not activate off of armor reducing sources, such as Crystal Weapon.

    Trial Sets
    • Vestments of Olorime:
      • Reduced the duration of the Area of Effect that grants Major Courage from this set and the Perfected version to 5 seconds, down from 10 seconds.
      • Increased the duration of the Major Courage granted from touching the Area of Effect to 20 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
      • With these adjustments, the set will now better reinforce the need to coordinate with your allies and quickly capitalize on the effect, but better reward you for doing so.

    Item Traits
    • Bloodthirsty: Increased the bonus Weapon and Spell Damage this trait grants against targets to a maximum of 350 per trait, up from 250 per trait. This was to make up for the fact the trait does not inherit percent increases to these stats, such as Brutality or Sorcery.
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    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed several issues affecting the Hazardous Alchemy Motif to prevent clipping and stretching on all player models.

    • Updated audio for the Alchemist Dwemer Spider pet.

    • Most Undaunted Mask and Shoulder Style Pages now stack to 200.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the name of the item being placed from showing while placing an item with the Housing Editor.
    • Corrected a minor typo in the error message for attempting to place furnishings in the entrance of a home.

    • Updated the name for the “Winter Cardinal Painting, Work In Progress” furnishing to prevent it from being cut off in the name of the furnishing plan.
    • Increased the quality of these three furnishings associated with Stillwaters Retreat to Epic (Purple) from Superior (Blue):
      • Dwarven Sconce, Polished Barred
      • Dwarven Lantern, Polished Wall
      • Dwarven Lamppost, Polished Powered

    • When approaching a home you own, your nickname for that home will now appear on the door.

    • Attempting to undo the placement of a character while you are in the middle of editing their path no longer gives an error message indicating another player is modifying that character. It’s just you!
    • Fixed an issue that could cause paths to be disabled unexpectedly.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause erroneous “The last command failed.” messages.
    • Adjusted turn behavior to reduce how often a character will make a wide turn when nodes are placed close together.
    • Corrected several cases where you would see a line connecting two nodes incorrectly, or pointing off in an unexpected direction.
    • Fixed an uncommon UI error that could occur after editing a path.
    • Pathing characters are no longer referred to as furniture in the error message that occurs when trying to link other furnishings to them.
    • Added a Help entry and Tutorial for Character Pathing.

    • Updated an error message shown when attempting to log into ESO with a platform-specific account from outside that platform to include Stadia.
    • Fixed an issue where various character sliders would not be initialized to the correct values for the selected character when performing a race or appearance change.
    • Fixed a very common UI error related to the Map and Guild Names.
    • Updated the Cyrillic handwritten font to be more legible.
    • Updated Mounts found in the Collections, Housing Editor, and Crown Store with new categories based on their movement type to make them easier to find.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed a UI error that would occur when attempting to send a returned gift to an empty UserID/Gamertag.

    • Fixed an issue where siege weapon tooltips would not display the correct abbreviation suffix in German.
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    ESO Community Manager
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