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Personalities: I feel like we need more

I love to have a personality active that suits the situation/area I'm playing through.

For example, if I'm on a quest and someone we should care about dies, I'll use the melancholy emote. If I'm in Cyro I might use the commander, and any posh setting perhaps duchess, Dark Brotherhood, assassin... Etc.
I prefer personalities to /emotes because all I have to do is set it active and it will emote for me, instead of /commanding everything. Also, they're more fluid, so they go from sad>cry>sad, instead of neutral>/cry>neutral for example.

I love the personalities but I feel like we could have so many more. It would be great if there was a big collection of them that we could get.

I have some ideas for what I would like to have, if anyone else has any suggestions?

- Cold/feezing/shivering (perhaps: walking along hugging arms and shivering)
- Injured (perhaps: limping along, clutching an arm like NPCs do)
- Shy/timid (perhaps: like how Bjora seems to act)
- Servant/cleaner (perhaps: will mainly sweep, brush off themselves or pick something up off the floor)
- Priest (perhaps: prays and blesses in different ways, walks with hands together)
- Sick (perhaps: walks holding stomach, will vomit every so often and groan, or sneeze or cough)
- Begger (perhaps: walks looking sad, holding hands out to passers by)
- Mage (perhaps: uses magic a lot, summoning flames in their hand/etc, and maybe could possibly have them float around a bit? like some of the students in Arteum)
- Floating Mage (perhaps: Floats like some of the students in Arteum for walk and run. Maybe even float in place when not moving)
- Scared (perhaps: walks around looking over their shoulder a lot)
- Tired (perhaps: walks around hunched over a bit, yawning and stretching)
- Evil (perhaps: has evil grin, rubs hands together, laugh/chuckle every so often)
- Vampire (perhaps: something that strongly suggests "vampire" showing fangs, hissing? searching for victims, etc)
- Vampire (damaged by sunlight) (perhaps: cowering, and attempts to shield self from sun, flails arms, raises them above their head. Smoking effect?)
- Fan/Lady (perhaps: walk around with paper fan, holding it up/fluttering/etc like the /flirt from the Duchess personality)
- Feminine (alternative) (perhaps: a nicer, less "snooty" version of Duchess. Smiling. Giving off a less "posh" aura)
- Waiter/waitress (perhaps: walks around holding a tray, maybe nearly drops it sometimes)
- Easter/flower basket (perhaps: walks holding an egg/flower basket - picks up egg/flower from the floor and puts it in sometimes)
- Duke (perhaps: a more masculine version of Duchess personality)
- Lantern (perhaps: like the Treasure Hunter personality with the torch, but holding a lantern)
- Entertainer (perhaps: similar to Jester, but will walk and juggle knives/balls/torches, maybe pull party poppers/small fireworks, maybe dance)
- Alchemist (perhaps: walks holding a phial/flask/beaker and will pour things/drop ingredients into it so often - might sometimes explode and give them a fright. Sometimes might be a successful mix and the phial will glow and they'd be happy)
- Awe (perhaps: looking around often surprised, sighs, inquisitive)
- Fatigued (perhaps: walks and runs looking out of breath/pained. When idle bends down holding knees, panting, holding chest)
- Drinking (perhaps: inspired by the /drink3 will walk holding the glass/bottle but not drunk. Will take sips and maybe complain glass empty and refill it when idle)
- Rich (perhaps: proud, standing upright. Maybe bouncing a coin purse in their hand or admiring a golden object and polishing it)
- Fisherman/Angler (perhaps: walks with a fishing rod leant on their shoulder. Maybe dangles the bait in front of them sometimes and messes with it)
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  • Arunei
    I've always wanted at the very least some of the emotes injured NPCs use, and I've also really been wanting a Frightened or Scared Personality. There are so many things they could do, but whether we'll ever see them implemented is hard to say.
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    Niralae Elsinal: Altmer Stamsorc DPS - Young Altmer with way too much Magicka
    Sarah Lacroix: Breton Magsorc DPS - Fledgling Vampire who drinks too much water
    Slondor: Nord Tankblade - TESified verson of Slenderman
    Marius Vastino: Imperial <insert role here> - Sarah's apathetic sire who likes to monologue
    Delthor Rellenar: Dunmer Magknight DPS - Sarah's ex who's a certified psychopath
    Lirawyn Calatare: Altmer Magplar Healer - Traveling performer and bard who's 101% vanilla bean
    Gondryn Beldeau: Breton Tankplar - Sarah's Mages Guild mentor and certified badass old person
    Gwendolyn Jenelle: Breton Magplar Healer - Friendly healer with a coffee addiction
    Soliril Larethian- Altmer Magblade DPS - Blind alchemist who uses animals to see and brews plagues in his spare time
    Tevril Rallenar: Dunmer Stamcro DPS - Delthor's "special" younger brother who raises small animals as friends
    Celeroth Calatare: Bosmer <insert role here> - Shapeshifting Bosmer with enough sass to fill Valenwood

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  • Dovakhan
    If Zenimax were smart, they'd include an Animation editor at some point, to allow players to choose their preferred animation for every situation and create Animation profiles. That not only would allow players more freedom of personalization, but also would boost Personalities sales a lot.

    For example, I like the Commander idle pose, but can't stand it's walking/running one. If I could create an Animation profile and select the Commander as the idle one, then whatever others I'd like for walking/running, then that'd be perfect.
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  • Nareya726
    I would love this, I've collected several personalities but still don't feel like there are enough to make each of my characters feel unique.
  • Ratzkifal
    Warrior Monk - changes your fist fighting animations to look like martial arts :D
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  • Technica
    I feel like it's appropriate to link this here for PC players

    I came across an addon that allows you to sort of put together your own personality using emotes and momentos: Personality Designer (

    Would be great for this to be an official feature, alongside all of the suggested personality ideas I had - so we have a lot more diversity for making our characters unique, and tailoring them for RP situations :)
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    Soul Shriven
    I adore this idea! The reaction-to-environment personalities would be wonderful and feel incredibly immersive. I'd love one where my young, short wood elf can just look around in awe and wonderment. It would just fit my actual reaction to the environments since I am a relatively new player.

    "Scared (perhaps: walks around looking over their shoulder a lot)"

    This one would also fit me in most dungeons and caves :)

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