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Every time an NPC dies, the game stutters

I am on a Xbox One X and every single time a NPC is killed, I get a small stutter. As you can imagine this is very noticeable in dungeons since stuff is dying all the time. My buddy playing on a regular Xbox One said the same was happening to him. Started happening right when Greymoor released.
  • Rixact
    Same here. There’s a few posts here and on Reddit. Basically anytime you’re gaining exp it stutters. Reinstalled and everything. I saw a post that someone from ZoS said it will be fixed in a future patch. People are guessing 2-3 weeks though. I’d really like it if they acknowledged it on their Twitter, especially with new players running around getting the stutter too.
  • Bimret
    Soul Shriven
    I'm on PS-4 and having the same issues of stuttering every time my the exp gained message pops up. I haven't done a Dungeon since the update ... I would hate to see the same issue on Dungeons since that's what I do the most. I just started playing ESO about 2 months ago... This is disappointing, I'm not buying the new chapter until this is resolved. And it better be soon.
  • ZOS_BillE
    As posted here, there is a known issue related to skills that are earning XP, and will be fixed in an incremental patch. Some players have reduced the issue by removing skills from their skill bar that are not maxed out.
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