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Clan of Fangs and Claws (Dungeons/Trial Guild)

-Intro, What We Do-
Looking to get Trial Skins, Titles, Personalities and Prefected Gear? Then join us. We are looking for good and experienced Players, as well as those willing to learn and take maybe some constructive criticism if needed. We are starting off as PROGRESSION so is to make sure those that are in and new to this content can learn. We already have a few experienced players that know what they are doing. Just looking for more to fill in the ranks.

-Rules and Requirements-
We are not a group of Elitist, but we do wanna look, act and be good at what we do. No one will tell you that your "Build" is wrong or bad, if something works for you then that's awesome. We may ask or suggest some changes, but by all accounts that is your choice. That being said the Guild has some rules and Guidelines that all are required to follow. These are old rules back when we were founded as a Social/Trading Guild but still hold true to this day.
1.) Be Respectful! Joking around, and playful trash talk is fine, but deliberately putting someone down and insulting them will not be tolerated under no circumstances.
2.) Be active within the Guild Events and other Day-to-Day operations. You are not required to be at every Trail Run, helping out on every Undaunted Daily or be hosting every event. Just peek in from time to time and be cool. That's all we ask.
3.) "DO NOT CHARGE" for Vampire or Werewolf bites. This is grounds for immediate termination from the Guild. No matter who you are. This is an old rule and one near and dear to the GM's heart. This is what the Guild was Founded upon and will always be here no matter the primary focus. Of the Guild.
4.) Have a CP Rank of 450 for most Content runs.
5.) DPS are to have a minimum of 30k+ to be considered for CORE integration. Tanks and Healersare to see one of the Founders to give a gear and spec layout before consideration for CORE integration.

We are looking to join the ranks of Leaderboards, sell Vet Content runs and make a name for ourself. You wanna make fast and easy money here, then join us. You wanna make friends or find reliable Roles for your Undaunted Dailies, then join us. You wanna just have fun and play with well rounded and reliable players, then look no further. We are looking to start our First CORE Group, so if you got what it takes please give us a try.

-Some Last Words-
We will start with one CORE Group, but hope to have at least 3 or so. We don't intend to build a large Guild, just have enough experienced players that can get stuff done. We will host events, like raffles, prizes and mini games if it's something people want. But our current goal is simple. We currently have about 30 active members and just wanna grow more. We have skilled Crafters, a Guild Hall, Band Page and people that can help you. So if you're interested, look us up by looking for "Clan of Fangs and Claws" or messaging me personally on here or Xbox, my Gammertag is "VamppireGhost". Really hope to get some new members and start making a name for the Clan again.

-good hunting-
"What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No Recall or Intervention can work in this place. Come. Lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy."
  • One_ofMany
    I'm returning to ESO and looking for a Vet/Trial guild

    I'm 477CP

    TempHealer, SorcMag DPS, Warden Healer, StamBow Warden, StamSorc DW

    GT HasNoStyle
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