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DLC dungeon fun thread - Bloodroot Forge

Since the previous thread got some replies, gonna keep up the positive posts~ so yesterday's pledge, Bloodroot Forge.

Please name three things.
First, your favourite mechanic. It can be something cool, or something hard, or interesting.
Second, your favourite quote, it can be one you like to occasionally use with ESO friends, or one that you think adds a lot of personality to the characters, or one that you like, just because.
Third, your favourite boss. While many times it will probably be similar to the previous two, you have to state your reason~.

I will start,
Favourite mechanic - I love the stones during the 3rd boss fight. They are really easy to kill, but if your damage dealers ignore them, they will wipe your group in stoney hell. A shame there are no more stones during 4th boss.
favourite quote - coincidentally, it is the same boss. I really like bosses that talk during the fight, it really feels like they get personality. "I am brother to the stone." "Giving the stone life."
favourite boss - The minotaur (4th boss). This fight actually feels powerful. I don't have a better way to describe it. The beastly howls of the boss, with strong explosions for when he bombs the whole area. Sometimes there is beauty in fights with enemies that don't say much, that have less personality and story built to them.

Hope people are enjoying those threads~

Link for previous thread:
  • Vildebill
    Favorite mech: unfortunately the dungeon has been dumbed down a bit, but shalk fire thing is pretty fun jumping on blocks on lava.

    Favorite quote: gotta be "rumble rumble crush and tumble" 😄. Also like the brave nord girl that challenges galchobar: "there's no way back, move beast" or similar.

    Favorite boss: Galchobar by far, too bad they nerfed it :(
    EU PC
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