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Houses you wish existed

Is there anywhere in Tamriel you wish you could live where there isn't currently a house? Or there is one but it's too big, too small, or just not right for some reason? If you had the freedom to design your own house for the game what would it be like? And where would it be?

For me it's fairly simple: Take the terrain from Forgemaster Falls, but put it right down in the southwestern corner of Southern Elseweyr (as close to where Torval would be as possible, but on the coast) and replace the 3 buildings with 1 house, roughly where the house is in Forgemaster's. Preferably using a building style which doesn't look like everything needs to be scrubbed, disinfected and repaired before it would be habitable.

I don't know if it will ever happen, but if they put a small/medium sized house with plenty of outdoor space and water deep and wide enough for swimming in that area, priced similarly to Forgemaster Falls, I'd buy it instantly.
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  • AngelaWasp
    Same as I always ask for in these type of threads, a fishing shack in East Deshaan please :smile:

  • Ajaxandriel
    Some wilds of central Summerset, maybe with a mere altmer house or mansion of rough stone. Ideally in a valley of Eton Nir, near Cloudrest wich is quarantined - for obvious reasons.

    There are awesome ambiances that I'd love to "blend" within such an estate:

    1- Ebon Stadmont exterior (misty and fresh like a wood in the countryside, with hedges like in Alice's universe, so amazing!)
    2- Cloudrest raid entrance (very neat and warm place, like before a hostel in the mountain)
    3- Ebon Stadmont interior garden (great ambiance again, just the kind of garden you expect to find in Summerset)
    4- prairie like near Russafeld (sunny and blooming, and wide enought to put that windmill from luxury vendor)
    5- King's Haven Pass (streams of fresh water, wilderness, mountain flowers, pinetrees ... maybe a gryphon nest furniture?)

    (I already did something of this spirit with my Grand psijic villa but it's too much "seaside" vibe yet.
    The Colossal grotto is too much underground and sky-less, the Alinor mansion is too urban. And the Inn room is ...a inn room.)
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  • ValorieW
    A medium to very large house in or right outside Evermore, Bangkorai. Something with a nice outdoor space.
  • Eifleber
    Just a medium sized appartment with ~ 3 rooms in Anvil, Gold Coast thank you. B)

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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    I wish I had small, "undestroyed" Xanmeer - more or less with interior size of "the basic" Hall of the Lunar Champion, very small outside area (more or less the size of Autumn's-Gate yard or The Ample Domicile yard). And of course with manor furniture limit (350).

    Also, it does not necessary need to be be a Xanmeer. Murkmire Lilmoth wooden architecture style "hut" would also be nice.
    ^ Maybe one day, with Argonian - themed chapter.... I hope game will still be around & will not die due to performance issues.
  • Zypheran
    I would love to see any of the existing homes with the houses removed!
    I could do so much with Gorinir if it were 700 hundred items and had the pods removed. Same goes for Strident Springs, Mathiisen, Stay Moist etc. But the one I would pay good coin for is the Xanmeer house. I wouldn't be able to contain myself at the excitement if I could get this house with 700 items and cleared of the pyramid.
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  • Theryl
    A nice Ayleid or daedric ruin. Basically just one of the smaller delves in a slightly more compact form (fewer long corridors since there won't be mobs). An entrance corridor, central room, and some side rooms for bedrooms, lab space, etc.
  • Tatanko
    I want another small Nibenese home, like the Cyrodilic Jungle House, but with a larger yard and somewhere in Blackwood.
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  • Aptonoth
    Ashlander home in Skar.
  • ghastley
    +1 on the Bosmer tree-home. That would be a good location for a one-room apartment, or two rooms on different levels with an outside ramp. Only having Pods is too restrictive.

    I'm still waiting for an Orc longhouse with a door. Forgemaster Falls enclosed the wrong building, in my opinion.

  • Jaimeh
    Houses inside other realms like: the Shimmering Sands, the Coloured Rooms, Evergloam, etc. I'd love it if we could have houses (preferrably template ones, much like they did in Coldharbour) in places like those! Also, more medium-sized houses with courtyard space. For example, it'd be so nice if the Hammerdeath Bungalow in Stormhaven included the area surrounding the house, I'd love to have something like that in a zone with a temperate climate like Stormhaven or Auridon. I don't like Mathiisen Manor because the entrance part of the courtyard is narrow, so it'd be great if we could have a house with an spacious outside area in that zone. Finally, I would really like to see a wooden Elsweyr-style house (similar to the one we got inside the Lunar Hall, but a little bit more polished, like the ones in Rimmen or Riverhold), with a second floor, and a nice garden, as well as a farm in Summerset with large grounds for the Alinor greenhouse furnishing :smile:
  • Jaraal
    I love caves full of life such as Zainsipilu in Vvardenfell. Also, check out the Cavern Of The Incarnate. It's the perfect small, cozy cave home, with water, plants, and just enough light to make it feel alive.
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  • MechanicalMudcrab
    I too would like a stand alone home somewhere in summerset with a 700 limit. I love the Alinor Townhouse but something outside of a city would be awesome, maybe with a little stable already made.
  • katanagirl1
    A house in Balmora and a house in Sadrith Mora.

    An underground Ayleid ruin house. Not sure where this one would be, I’d love for it to be in some remote corner of Cyrodiil but pretty sure that would never work.

    These are the first few that come to mind. I’ll add more later if I think of any.

    Also, a house in an offshoot of Moonlit Cove with descending tunnels, pools of water, glowing mushrooms and other plants, and no annoying hostile brigands!
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  • Unij
    I want a house like this, that is connected to the outlaws refuge.
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  • Mysanne
    Yes, I agree, I love this one too :



    This house, near a river with a bridge, with a garden, not too big, not too small. <3

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  • MaisonNaevius
    Istirus outpost for military RP.

    I would be tempted to say: all the background places to occupy the places and do roleplay.
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  • chuck-18_ESO
    I want a nice, simple Ayleid ruin for a home, something along the size of Frostvault Chasm. It would be SO easy to implement, and we already have a number of Ayleid furnishing items! This has been my dream home since Homestead was announced, many years ago!

    I'd also love a proper Mage's Tower, one with a lofty balcony that we can look out from! The biggest draw-back of Tel Galen isn't the hideous mushroom appearance, it's the lack of a balcony or other means to access the top of the Tower!
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