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Liberty Knights - Guild Homestead: All crafting stations and mondays stones

Welcome! My name is Michael and I am the founder of Liberty Knights, Liberty Knights is an Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) guild for people who cannot to spend countless hours playing ESO when life's priorities demand our attention. Our guild offers people an community that specializes in casual play and who want to enjoy ESO without the pressure and time demands that other guilds sometimes inadvertently place on their members.We understand life has its challengers; family, carers, military, education, ect. All these things must take precedence over ESO and gaming in general, although we manage to find some way to squeeze it in. As such, we will accommodate prolonged absences from the game without the need to remove you from the guild. Liberty Knights is a unique assemblage comprised of all races and classes, dedicated to the common goal of protecting the weak and guiding the inept. Our guild offers the casual, laid back, good natured enjoyment of ESO with like-minded people. *Must be Daggerfall Alliance... Socializing, Royplaying, Alliance vs Alliance, Questing, Crafting/Trading, Dungeons.

Liberty Knights has it's main guild page on Xbox Clubs "Liberty Knights." This is where you find all info regarding the guild. If you have Xbox app downloaded to cell you can use guild chat from there also.

Xbox Gametag: Thelevyeffect

We have all crafting stations and mundus stones in one nice spot
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