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Frustration Levels Rising

Dear ZOS,

Your game was so amazing. But not anymore. The lag is in pvp AND pve. The CC cooldown in pvp is nonexistent so the ability to counter much isn't really there. It doesn't matter what faction you play, you still get the same lag that makes the game unplayable. I don't know what you're doing, but I"d think with the covid-19 going on, you'd realize people are using your game to help them get through the cabin fever. I'm terribly disappointed. Not even Thornblade was this bad.

Frustration levels rising for so many players.

  • twitch_zero
    My frustration levels aren't rising, they are peaking with the fact that the last month has seen Cyrodiil performance being the worst its ever been
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  • Minnesinger
    Oh I call you very patient. 6 years of failures has led to many many to check the life quality outside of the game. The game is absolutely thrilling at best but can lead to frustation at times.
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  • vamp_emily
    I haven't logged in since April 6th because of performance issues. I used to be excited when i had time to play now I just refuse to log in because I know what will happen.

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  • OrphanHelgen
    Cost too much money to fix game at this point compared to what it's worth. My bet is, they gonna sell this skyrim patch, they focus on elder scrolls 6.
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    Finally a reason not to play League of Legends
  • Saepio
    NA players stating that PvP performance is atrocious, try being an Oceanic based player! I have been here since 2014 as well, and ffs the performance now is just off the charts bad. Thing is ping and frames don't look that bad (for me 80 fps/280 ping during NA quiet time) but skills don't fire, bars don't swap and CC is constant and basically unbreakable, that is besides all the regular (they're a feature now?) bugs that infest Cyro. I am running out of patience, still subscribed, but ZOS needs to turn the corner to improved performance, and soon!
  • Starlight_Knight
    In all my years of gaming history i've never played anything that gets me as frustrated as ESO - nothing works!!! i look like a complete tool entering a fight 1v1 and being CC'd and nothing i do registers so i eat the whole CC full duration then die.
    Playing a magden as well its not like i can even return the favour.
    I hate this feeling so much,
    Really though at this point, just take CC's out!
    Take in combat status out as well so i can get on my mount please.
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  • Kadoin
    Zelos wrote: »
    they are completely inept.

    The silence from the devs is deafening.

    It may be that they are prohibited from posting...Summerset was the last time I saw any lower level member of the dev team post anything. That was also the last good patch IMO. How coincidental...
  • Ahtu
    Is it me or has performance improved since yesterday's patch? Game is still randomly freezing though.
  • ZOS_Ragnar
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  • Spearpoint
    TL;DR: Don't read, skip! (I just scrolled up from the bottom. This turned out to be a subjective, but substantive, melodramatic rant. Consider yourself warned!) 

    Less than a week ago, my subscription expired. Honestly, I'm not happy about not renewing ESO+, as I have enjoyed ESO itself so incredibly much over all these years since the beta.

    It has brought so many hours, so many thousand hours; of joy and fun, adrenalin and despair, rage and smugness. 

    When I think about it, I even went from my old school laptop to assembling my own gaming rig, just for Skyrim with mods and ESO with add-ons. 

    To this date, I still enjoy my 2600k unchanged rig, but I can sadly not say the same for ESO, even though it's changes, on the other hand, have been countless since.

    I really try to enjoy it, I really do! So I find myself exploring new builds and play styles, finding new ways to experience the game. To not let the frustration win. Adapt or die, they say. Adapt and kill, I say! (In-game ofc.. :3)

    Amazingly enough, I enjoyed the same archer assassin type build for the first 4-5 years. But with all the nerfs (oversimplified, but generally speaking) instead of buffs, and the Bosmer passive changes hitting me the hardest..

    ... It at least made me enjoy frost tanking for a while. Also bombing, helping, healing, laughing, ganking. 1vX'ing (lol, all evidences of the last one are GONE!)

    It also made me try Wardens, DKs, Sorcs and even a Necro and a cheesy Templar :D (I even recently changed my IGN and forum name on behalf of my cheesy stamplar<3) 

    Today I tried healing, and found myself struggling to keep three completely fresh Nirn Dwellers that were all over the place, alive.

    The pleasant gang of three knew each other IRL, came from France, and ended up joining my private little guild to utilize a stocked guild bank and assistants they didn't know existed yet, at my humble Creek. 

    ESO needs promising new players like this, so what worries me is; what will they face tomorrow? If they want to give PvP a shot, they might start with BGs, only to be smashed by golded out werewolves, tricked out pet sorcs and one button jabbers? But let's say they won't give up, they might just move on to Cyro instead. 

    They won't know properly know what they can expect. But we do. The forum does. Threads like this one does.

    Cyrodill, prime time. Nada lag, right? 

    --- Time moves on, home quaranteens ends, and impressions lasts ---

    Will they stay? If PvP is something they liked the gist of, will they continue trying BGs and Alliance War? 

    Was ESO not what they thought it was, what it actually *was*? And what it still can be, if some drastical measures are taken to turn things around? 

    In regards to the fast-approaching time ahead for ESO, which will be immensely important and defining for the future of ESO, will players like this stay? 

    ... I have this weird feeling that the next 2-3 months of ESO will show whether or not ESO really is a game able to continue for both twice and thrice its current lifetime, with each new day showing more and more clearly the beginning of the end. 

    After such a long time with so many improvements and changes, with so much effort and resources put into making an amazing game with so much potential.. 

    Dear Zenimax, please consider this: what do you want both your current - and new - player base to say to themselves (and others!)?

    - "Yes, this was fun, but... Let's check what else is out there."

    - "Yes, this is fun! Let's check what else ESO have in store for us!"

    Will your players stay? 
    Will your legacy stay? 

    How much do you want your players to stay?
    How much do you want your legacy to stay?

    How much do you want your players to want to stay?
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  • Pain In The Axe
    Pain In The Axe
    It really is upsetting, I havnt been able to play much with my current RL situation but i had a moment to get on today and try out cyrodill. Of my 5 years playing this game ive never seen the servers work so poorly. Lag was bad before but the delay of skills due to the animation canceling changes is really abysmal and so frustrating
  • Dirt_Rooster
    You should really all be aware by now that the intention is to remove PvP from the game. Killing it softly. Imagine being able to develop a game without having to spend a lot of your time worrying about less than a percentage of the player population. Sounds pretty good to me. Just chill out man, make more pets and furniture for houses.
  • Reverb
    You should really all be aware by now that the intention is to remove PvP from the game. Killing it softly. Imagine being able to develop a game without having to spend a lot of your time worrying about less than a percentage of the player population. Sounds pretty good to me. Just chill out man, make more pets and furniture for houses.

    But these problems exist in pve as well. We are seeing health and positioning desyncs in trials and dungeons. This weekend I was unable to cast any ground based effects in a delve. This game is losing stability and functionality with every patch. Removing pvp will drastically reduce their player base, with a corresponding reduction in criticism, which may indeed be their goal. But it won’t fix the issues.

    So much wasted potential.
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  • Alomar
    The fact you all are still here is astonishing...Yet alone any of you can fathom ZOS turning around from years of treating pvpers like 3rd rate costumers to somehow fixing something? Ya'll got crazy levels of patience and a lack of other options I guess. On behalf of the 98% of ESO's pvpers who left and are never coming back, I salute you ;)
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  • Earthewen
    @Pain In The Axe You are so right, Pain. Many of us have been around a very long time and it seems the frustration levels do little more than induce people to cancel their subs in lieu of another game. :-(
  • Cinbri
    What you talking about, performance is flawless
  • ZOS_FalcoYamaoka
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