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Sunspire Endboss unplayable

Dear ZOS,

please fix the current situation regarding the performance of the server while in trials ... it is 20 minutes ok and then it is starting to lag and is getting unplayable
Today we were not able to:

- Use the portal synergy
- unpin players in the portals
- seeing lighthning and Heavy attack from eternals Servant
- getting protected behind statues

It is getting very annoying that there is no seeable performance improvement... BTW this happend on PC EU and my raid group is starting to write tickets every raid evening where this will happen ... I hope we somehow get a response how you think you will change this situation.
  • xF1REFL1x
    Problems in VCR and VHOF as well...
  • barney2525
    It's a secret.

    The NPC Bosses Union got a new contract approved where at one site (Sunspire) the Bosses win.

    Think of it as the Kobiashi-Maru of ESO

  • chiipso
    Now you have a taste of what Cyrodiil feels like :/
  • SidraWillowsky
    And are you going to fix the fact that Wardens' bears don't hit the dragons or nah
  • NeillMcAttack
    It’s happening in any instance that lasts more than 20 mins it seems. I’m also finding that I can reliably predict that my blast bones will stop functioning after around this amount of time. It blacks out on my bar and can’t be cast until I switch bar and switch back, completely ruining any kind of flow. It’s happened in vAS and vSS so far, and I’m sure it will happen in any content after a period.

    Teammates are always wanting to re boot the game during trials, cyro may as well be deleted at this point, people are simply not logging in anymore unless they made prior arrangements for trials. It’s so sad really. And what makes me even more disappointed is that I know, with the new crates, the free weekend, the discounted game, the discounted crowns, that the owners of this game will see very little reason to invest in performance over stuff directly marketable. Improvements for the loyal player base PvE and PvP alike, are very far out, if even going to occur at all.
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